In the Neighborhood

Throughout the year, whether in-season or off-season, we at the Red Sox are committed to sharing timely information about ballpark-area happenings with the local neighborhood like baseball schedule changes, tower light usage, special events, street closures, and updates related to Fenway Sports Group Real Estate activities.

To help keep our neighbors informed, the calendar below shows all baseball games and currently scheduled concerts and special events. We will continue to use our weekly neighborhood update emails to share any changes or additions to the schedule.

As active members of the local community, we look forward to working with our neighbors in the Fenway, Kenmore Square, and Audubon Circle areas year-round. You can read more about the club's local involvement in our most recent neighborhood annual report.

The Government and Neighborhood Affairs department is always reachable to address concerns and answer any questions that members of the community may have. We encourage you to reach out to Dave Friedman, Claire Durant, or Sonya Bhabhalia at any time.

If you have a particular concern during a Fenway Park event, you may reach out to a member of the Government and Neighborhood Affairs team directly or call the Red Sox front office at 617-226-6000.

Please note that the content of the calendar is maintained by the Red Sox Government and Neighborhood Affairs department. To find ticket availability and purchase options, please visit for games and for concerts.