Fenway Park Security

The Boston Red Sox are committed to creating a safe, enjoyable and welcoming environment for all fans. Our staff is here to proactively assist you to help ensure a positive family experience through the enforcement of our Code of Conduct.

The Boston Red Sox have a zero tolerance policy with respect to abusive fan behavior and the use of derogatory language or hate speech. Derogatory language is defined as the use of offensive language concerning another person's race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or national origin. Use of derogatory language or hate speech by fans will result in immediate action including ejection from the game and up to a lifetime ban from Fenway Park.

How to Contact Security

In the event that individuals are interfering with your enjoyment of the game, there are four ways for you to report abusive fan behavior to Red Sox Security during Red Sox games (beginning 2 hours prior to first pitch):

  • Fans can directly contact the nearest uniformed Red Sox employee. These staff members are specifically trained on how to respond to a report of such behavior.
  • Fans may text the word SECURITY followed by a brief message to 23215. Message and data rates may apply.
  • Fans may call the security hotline at (617) 226-6411.
  • Fans may use the text to security feature in the MLB Ballpark app.
Fan Screenings

Fan safety is a top priority for the Red Sox and Major League Baseball. All fans entering Fenway Park will be subject to screening through the use of metal detectors or, on occasion, a physical search by a trained team member. Fans who are unable or elect not to go through the metal detector will be manually checked with a hand-held metal detector or by a light physical search. All persons, bags, and personal items are subject to physical inspection before entering Fenway Park. Failure to consent to a search will result in denial of entry.

Bag Policy

Bags must be single-compartment and no larger than 12"x12"x6". Backpacks, backpack-style purses, duffel bags, and other multi-compartment bags are NOT permitted. Exceptions will be made for diaper bags and bags containing essential medical equipment. To speed up the entry process, the Red Sox will continue to encourage the use of single-compartment clear bags for the 2023 season. Clear bags must also be no larger than 12"x12"x6". Clear backpacks are not allowed.

All bags will be subject to search as referenced above. Please pay close attention to the prohibited items list below.

Fans who arrive to an entry gate for a game with a non-permitted bag will have the option of storing their bag for a fee with a third-party locker company. This locker truck is located on top of the Lansdowne Garage across from Gate E.

Prohibited Items

Below is a list of items that will not be permitted into Fenway Park. The Red Sox will not be responsible for storing any of the items on the following list. Any prohibited items left at the screening area shall be considered surrendered and will be discarded. Fans will not be able to retrieve any surrendered items. Concealment of any item on the below list could result in denial of entry. Fenway Park is a private facility and reserves the right to prohibit any item not on the below list in the interest of public safety and enjoyment for all fans.

  • Bags larger than 12"x12"x6" in size
  • Firearms, including those held by lawfully licensed individuals or off-duty police officers of any law enforcement agency or jurisdiction. This restriction includes ammunition.
  • Knives, box cutters, tool of any kind (including Leatherman), or any item that could be used as a weapon
  • Marijuana (including medical marijuana)
  • Pepper spray or mace
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Cans, bottles, glass containers except one sealed 16oz plastic bottle of water
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances
  • Noise-making devices
  • Laser pointers or similar devices that may be used to disrupt play on the field
  • Costumes and/or costume masks
  • Clothing items determined offensive by Red Sox management
  • Signs, banners and other items may be admitted as long as they do not: obstruct the sight lines of other fans, cover up existing signage, exhibit messages commercial or political in nature, create a disturbance or contain obscene or offensive language or interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the game. Signs, banners and other items may not be paraded around the ballpark, affixed to any permanent structures, or hung over fascia boards or the Green Monster. Management reserves the right to remove any signs or banners at any time. Each banner and sign must comply with our Code of Conduct.
  • Umbrellas are allowed inside Fenway Park but may only be used during official rain delays
  • Professional audio/visual equipment including tri-pods and mono-pods are prohibited from Fenway Park. Consumer rated cameras and video cameras are permitted but cannot be used to reproduce the game and must not interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the game.
Additional Security Guidelines
  • Exiting and re-entering the Park is not permitted at any gate.
  • Use of tobacco products and smoking of any kind (including cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, and e-cigarettes or "vaping") is prohibited in all areas of Fenway Park, including Jersey Street.
  • Proper dress is required.
  • The use of UAVs (drones) are prohibited at all times in and around Fenway Park by federal regulations and such use will be immediately reported to Boston Police for investigation.
  • Interfering or attempting to interfere with any balls in play or throwing any object onto the field is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection and/or prosecution.
  • Any fan that directly or indirectly interferes with the enjoyment of the game for others and/or fails to comply with the above guidelines will be promptly ejected from Fenway Park, may be subject to arrest and prosecution by the Boston Police, forfeiture of ticket privileges, and other penalties including up to a lifetime ban. The Red Sox expect compliance with the Fenway Park Code of Conduct and do not condone misbehavior of any kind. Every effort will continue to be made to ensure socially acceptable behavior so that all fans have the opportunity to enjoy the game in comfort.