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Season Ticket Holder Exchange Program

The new Season Ticket Holder Exchange Program is a self-service option for Season Ticket Holders to exchange some tickets from your season ticket package. Through your My Tickets account, patrons will have the option to return tickets for 1 game and exchange them for another game, all in one transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to exchange?

The Exchange Program is a benefit available to all season ticket holders.

How do I exchange my tickets?

All exchanges can be completed online through an easy, self-service process. Simply login to your My Tickets account, select the game and seats you would like to exchange and then select your new game and seats.

What tickets am I able to exchange?

All tickets in your regular season ticket package are eligible to be exchanged for other tickets within the same season. Tickets that have been purchased outside of your regular season package are not eligible for exchanges.

What games can I exchange into?

Initially, all games will be available, with the exception of Opening Day. All exchanges will be subject to availability at the time that an exchange is initiated. As such, it is possible that additional games may become unavailable throughout the season. Exchanges can be made into any available game, including those that were not part of your original season ticket package.

Will I be required to purchase the same number of tickets for the new games as I am returning from my package?

No. You will be able to return any or all of your tickets for a game and exchange them for any number of tickets for another game, subject to availability.

Will the price for the new tickets be equal to those from my season ticket package?

The tickets being returned will hold a value equal to that which you had initially paid. That value would fluctuate based on game tier and whether or not you had purchased at the early pay season ticket price. The new tickets will be purchased at the single game dynamic price, which will fluctuate throughout the season. If applicable, you will be required to submit credit card payment or utilize account credits to pay for the difference between any tickets priced higher than the value of your original season tickets.

If I am unable to find new tickets at the same price as my season tickets, will I be able to purchase tickets priced at a lower value?

Yes. In the event the new tickets have a lower price than those being returned, a Downgrade Credit will be applied to your account. Note, that the Downgrade Credit can be used exclusively toward the purchase of other tickets during the current season and any unused credits will expire at the end of the current season.

Can I exchange multiple games at one time?

All exchanges must be completed one game at a time.

Is there a deadline to exchange tickets?

Tickets can be exchanged up to 72 hours prior to the game you are exchanging out of, subject to availability. Games may become unavailable for exchanging out of at the Red Sox discretion.

If I have forwarded my tickets to partners, friends, family, etc, are they able to exchange the tickets they have received?

No. The exchange program is a benefit exclusively available to the account holder of record. The ticket forward would need to be cancelled before you are able to complete the exchange.

How many of my tickets am I able to exchange in a given season?

The number of tickets you are able to exchange is dependent on the season ticket package you hold and the number of seats you have purchased in that package. All full season, B-Plan, C-Plan, and Half Season Plan holders can exchange up to 20% of your total tickets; all 20 Game Winner Plan Holders can exchange 15% of your tickets; all 10th Man Plan Holders can exchange 10% of the total tickets in your package. For example, a patron with 2 seats in a full season plan will be able to exchange up to 32 tickets during the season (2 seats x 81 games = 162 total tickets x 20% = 32 tickets available for exchange).

When will we be able to start exchanging tickets for the 2021 season?

The Exchange Program will be available as soon as we are able to safely return to full capacity at Fenway Park.