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Outside/Community Appearances
In-Game/Pre-Game Visits
Appearance Pricing Info

Rates for Sluggerrr In-Game/Pre-Game Appearances are a flat rate for the visit. Prices for these visits are:

  • In-Game Visit: $100
  • Pre-Game/Tailgate Visit: $150

Rates for Sluggerrr Outside/Community Appearances shown below are for a 30 min. appearance. These events may also have a travel fee depending on the distance from Kauffman Stadium. Prices for these appearances are:

  • Business/Corporate: $200/30 min.
  • Offical Royals Sponsors: $150/30 min.
  • Special Occasions: $175/30 min.
  • School Visits: $150/30 min.
  • Charity Visits: $150/30 min.

School Show and pricing details ($400/show)