Q&A: No. 1 prospect Singer talks pitching, food

October 17th, 2018

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Right-hander Brady Singer, the Royals' No. 1 prospect per MLB Pipeline, got his first taste of professional baseball at the team's instructional league camp this past month.
Singer, who signed for $4.25 million after being selected 18th overall in the 2018 Draft, did not pitch this summer in Rookie ball after pitching 113 innings last season for Florida, which advanced to the College World Series.
Instructional league, therefore, provided an opportunity for Singer and the Royals to become better acquainted, and for him to refine his delivery in preparation for Spring Training.
MLB.com sat down with Singer for a quick Q&A after a recent workout:
What are the things you are working on down here?
Singer: Just working on a changeup and my four-seamer. I think I got a little two-seam heavy in college, so I really wanted to work on that four-seamer and work on a better changeup. But really, just working on repeating my delivery and getting out here competing again. I have been throwing in some games here, which is fun. A lot of bullpens. It's been all good.
Did you have a pitch count down here?
Singer: Two innings basically, 30-40 pitches.
Any plans on playing winter ball?
Singer: No. Once I'm done here, I'll go back home and start working out there and get ready for Spring Training.
You told the Royals you needed a little break after the college season ended, correct?
Singer: Yeah, I just had a long three years in college. I threw over 100 innings the last two years. I just felt like I was using the arm a lot the last three years, and we needed a little break. I think it helped out. I got out here and felt pretty fresh.

The Royals had you visit some of the Minor League teams anyway, just to get acclimated. How was that?
Singer: Oh, it was great. I went to [Class A] Lexington, and that was awesome. Great team. Met all the guys there. Then went over to [Rookie League] Idaho [Falls] and met the pitching coach, Jeff Suppan. He's an awesome guy. The coaches were great, teammates were great. It was fun to get around and meet all the guys and see what pro ball is like.
OK, it's silly question time: Who was your favorite player growing up?
Singer: My favorite player growing up was obviously Chipper Jones. But being a pitcher, my favorite pitcher -- kind of old school here but it would be Nolan Ryan. My dad would tell me stories about how hard Nolan Ryan competed. I got a picture on my wall of Nolan Ryan all bloody after getting hit in the face with a comebacker. It's pretty cool.
Favorite baseball movie?
Singer: "For Love of the Game." Absolutely. I always think of that part when he's on the mound and the fans are getting on him and it's loud, and he just says, 'Clear the mechanism.' And then it's all quiet. I kind of still say that to myself when I'm out of the mound. Just clear all the noise from the stands and everywhere else and totally focus.
Favorite movie, any genre?
Singer: Well, to keep it PG, I'd still say "For Love of the Game."
Any must-see TV for you?
Singer: Not a big TV watcher. I'm more of an outdoors type -- hunting and fishing.
Favorite music?
Singer: Definitely country. Eric Church.
Best friend so far in the Royals organization?
Singer: Got to be Jackson [Kowar, whom the Royals drafted 33rd overall in 2018]. Fellow Gator. I think at times we're kind of the opposite. But we like the same kind of music. He likes to dress up more than I do. He's more of a fashion guy.
Favorite pig-out food?
Singer: Oh. That's barbecue. Mac and cheese. Big brisket. Stuff like that. Should fit in with Kansas City pretty well, right?