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Angel Stadium Segway Usage Policy

The Angels strive to make every guest's visit to Angel Stadium enjoyable and accessible to persons with disabilities


The Angels strive to make every guest's visit to Angel Stadium enjoyable and accessible to persons with disabilities. The Angels have established the following pilot policy regarding Segways and similar devices in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") and California State Law.

Only individuals with a mobility impairment are permitted to operate a Segway or other similar device in the Stadium. Stadium personnel may ask an individual using a Segway if the device is required because of the individual's mobility disability and may ask to see some form of proof of disability or for a credible verbal assurance that the device is being used for a mobility disability.

To facilitate Segway users, the Angels encourage (but do not require) users to contact the Stadium in advance to coordinate entry, ticketing locations and access.

Segway users must enter through the Home Plate Gate, or a second entrance, designated by the Angels. Only certain elevators will be available for use by Segway users. This policy does not permit the use of any Stadium escalators by Segway users.

The Segway must at all times be operated safely for the user, the other patrons, the staff and the building infrastructure. Segway users must remain in control of their Segway and must exercise caution when turning corners, entering restrooms, stores, concession areas or any other enclosed areas. Segway users must operate their Segway at a speed no greater than, and yield to, pedestrian traffic, and must observe and obey all reasonable safety instructions from Stadium personnel. In the event an individual's use of the Segway creates an unsafe or hazardous condition, an individual Segway user violates these rules, or violates the Stadium rules outlined in the Angels' "A to Z Guide," the Angels reserve the right to take steps to mitigate the condition, including immediate ejection of the Segway user from the Stadium.

The Angels recommend that Segway users purchase tickets in one of the Stadium's accessible seating areas. Segway users may purchase tickets for up to 3 additional companion seats as outlined in the "Accessible Seating" for Guests with Disabilities section of the Angels' "A to Z Guide," including in the same seating locations as the wheelchair accessible seats. If more than one Segway guest will be in attendance together at a particular game, the Angels, at their sole discretion, may relocate users to the same section.

During games or events with high attendance and to the extent necessary for the safety of all guests, a Segway may be restricted to certain designated access points and areas. In such instances, Stadium personnel will designate areas that allow the Segway user to reach his or her accessible seats, designated restrooms, at least one team store (if the team stores are open for sales), at least one concession area (if the concession areas are open for service) and a Stadium entrance/exit.