'Great swing': Bregman tweet thrills young fan

February 19th, 2019

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- It took only two words for to send 9-year-old Jax Nystrom into a frenzy, but this kind of reaction -- young people freaking out at the slightest bit of attention from him -- has become commonplace for the Astros' All-Star third baseman.

"Great swing," Bregman tweeted on Monday night after watching a video of the left-handed-hitting youngster taking hacks in a batting cage.

The video appeared on the Twitter handle @FlatgroundBats, whose bio reads, "Harnessing the power of social media to break down barriers & prevent players from falling thru the cracks. Showcase talent."

And, apparently, it connects a young fan with a superstar ballplayer.

"I watched it, and it was an unbelievable swing for a 9-year-old," Bregman said. "Way better than my swing was when I was 9 years old."

After young Jax saw Bregman's "great swing" comment, he had the kind of reaction you'd expect from a kid who just realized his baseball talents are being lauded by a Major League player.

"He is running around the house screaming," his dad apparently texted to someone who then tweeted that reaction to Bregman.

Just imagine Jax's reaction if he can get to Florida and take Bregman up on his offer to exchange batting tips.

"Y'all in Florida?" Bregman tweeted. "I'll hit with him."

Time will tell if that ever happens, but Bregman made it clear the invitation stands.

"It seems like he really loves the game of baseball," Bregman said. "Same as when I was a kid, I loved the game of baseball. If he wants to come out to Florida, it would be awesome. We'd go in the cage and hit."

And this batting lesson might not be one-sided.

"I think I might have misspoken earlier," Bregman said. "Maybe he could give me some tips. That swing looks locked in right now."