Battling COVID-19, Howe released from hospital

Former Astros, A's, Mets manager had been in ICU since last week

May 18th, 2020

HOUSTON -- Two weeks after starting to experience symptoms that turned out to be a COVID-19 infection, former Astros, A's and Mets manager Art Howe was released from a Houston hospital Sunday to continue recovering at home.

Howe, 73, had been hospitalized and was in the intensive care unit after first feeling the onset of symptoms on May 3, which included chills and fatigue. When he didn’t improve while being isolated at home, he was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital last week by ambulance.

On Sunday, Howe said it was a relief to be back in his own bedroom.

“It was just a long five days or so,” Howe said. “I’m finally feeling a little bit better. Still not able to eat real good, taste buds are giving me a hard time. It’s just nice to be back home and hopefully continue to progress.”

The recovery process isn’t over for Howe, who will be isolated another two weeks at home.

“They just said there are so many different complications and different things with it, it’s just not the same for everybody, and that’s what you’re dealing with,” Howe said. “The unknown, really.”

Howe said he will have to keep his oxygen levels up and remain fever-free during his time in isolation.

“I developed a fever last Tuesday, and that’s why I had to be taken into the hospital,” Howe said. “Before that, I was kind of managing my temperature, and all of the sudden, I couldn’t eat, and I’m sure that didn’t help any. Once I stopped being able to put any food in my system, I kind of wore down quickly, I think.”

Howe isn’t sure how he contracted COVID-19, but he warns everyone to take the pandemic seriously.

“Think about your fellow man,” Howe said. “It’s important. This is a crazy thing.”

Howe made his Major League playing debut with the Pirates in 1974, and after seven seasons with the Astros, he ended his career with the Cardinals, for whom he played in 1984 and '85. He then managed the Astros from 1989-93, going 392-418.

In 1996, Howe took the helm in Oakland, where he managed the A's through the 2002 season. Over those seven years, he had a 600-533 record, which included winning American League West titles in 2000 and '02.

From 2000-02, Howe's A's went 296-189, reaching the postseason each year (winning the AL Wild Card in '01). Howe went on to manage the Mets from 2003-04, compiling a 137-186 record over that period.