There's no wrong way to get an out. Just ask Vlad

June 1st, 2023

TORONTO -- When in doubt, improvise.

Blue Jays first baseman snagged a hot ground ball off the bat of Brewers outfielder in the fifth inning of Milwaukee's 4-2 win on Wednesday night at Rogers Centre, but when Guerrero went to transfer the ball to his hand, it wouldn’t budge.

The ball was stuck in the webbing of Guerrero’s glove, so he quickly found a backup plan. With reliever streaking over to cover first base, Guerrero tossed his entire glove to make the play and beat Yelich.

It looked more like Guerrero was lateraling a football, and Richards didn’t quite know what to do for a moment, but an out is an out.

It was shades of Orlando Hernandez, better known as El Duque, who made this play famous in 1999 while pitching for the Yankees.

In a game against the Mets, Hernandez fielded a comebacker from Rey Ordonez that also got jammed in the webbing of his glove, so he threw the entire package overhand to first base, covering at least double the distance of Guerrero’s hurl.

Guerrero is coming off a Gold Glove Award in 2022, and while this one won’t do much for his metrics, it will be one of the first things on his highlight reel if he finds a way to repeat.