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Seat Upgrade FAQ

1. I can't log into my account.

To log into your account visit From there, use your email address or account number to log in. If you have forgotten your password, please click the "forgot your password" link. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password.

2. I am logged into my account but don't see where the option to upgrade my seats is.

The upgrade seats box is located on the left hand side of your D-backs Account Manager page, just above your address book.

3. I am trying to select my seats to upgrade, but it won't let me choose the individual seats?

Correct. The online upgrade process will only allow you to upgrade the entire block of seats on each line on this page. If you would only like to upgrade/move some of the seats on a particular line of seats, please contact your Season Ticket Services Representative at 602-514-4444.

4. I have selected my seats and I am starting to check out, but I don't see my payment plan available?

Not all payment plans are available online. You may choose one of the payment plans listed. If you are on a payment plan that is not shown and would like to stay on that plan, please contact your Season Ticket Services Representative at 602-514-4444. They will be able to help you with the upgrade process.

5. I have selected a payment plan but it is asking for a payment today?

If you upgraded your seating location, the system will require you to be compliant with your new payment plan. This means paying a percentage of the difference in the upgrade. If you did not move from your current plan and just moved locations in the same seating level, the system will require a payment if you are not compliant with your current payment plan.

6. My total due today says $0, but it is still requiring me to enter a credit card.

Because you selected a payment plan, the system will require a credit card to attach to the plan. This way your next automatic payment will be run on that card.

7. I already have a card on my account. Why do I need to enter it again?

For your protection, the system requires your card to be re-entered even if you are using the same card currently on the system.

8. I have upgraded my tickets and wanted to upgrade them again, but when I log into my account, the upgrade seats link is not there?

You may only upgrade your tickets once online. Once you have upgraded, the upgrade seats link will not appear on your D-backs Account home page.