Tatis on possible shoulder surgery, SS return

September 8th, 2021

SAN DIEGO -- said on Tuesday he hopes to avoid shoulder surgery at the end of the season.

Tatis has had two stints on the injured list in 2021 with shoulder injuries, the first of which came on April 6 when he sustained a left shoulder subluxation while swinging on a strikeout. He has partially dislocated his left shoulder at least four times.

“There's always the doctor's standpoints and their point of view,” he said. “But [with] everything, we'll just put it together, we'll throw it on the table. Me and important people after that [will] come to a decision on that part and we'll discuss it.”

Doctors have talked about the possibility of Tatis needing shoulder surgery at the end of the season, he said. When the time comes for a decision, he said input from medical professionals and those close to him will be factored in.

“We're just going to see what's in front of us and just try to take the smart decision,” Tatis said.

Tatis suffered a reoccurrence of his partially dislocated left shoulder while sliding into third base during a July 30 game against the Rockies.

Since coming off the injured list on Aug. 15 , Tatis has transitioned to playing the outfield in an effort to reduce the chances of reinjuring his shoulder. He has started 18 total games in the outfield after making his latest IL return and has not played shortstop since then.

As far as making a return to his natural position in the infield next season, Tatis said he believes “everybody’s on the same page” for his return to shortstop in 2022.

As for this season?

“[That’s] something I gotta discuss with my manager,” he said.