Padres bringing back brown in unis in 2020

January 25th, 2019

The Padres are, in fact, bringing brown back to their uniforms.
San Diego will wear some form of brown starting in 2020, sources confirmed to's AJ Cassavell on Friday. The team's plan to return to using brown uniforms was first reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune.
The Padres have notified MLB of the intended change, and they have until May to submit the final versions of their new uniforms. Per the report, the team started focus-group testing brown uniforms with Padres fans this week, with all the variations featuring brown-and-gold combinations.
The Padres have had blue and white as their primary color scheme since they moved to Petco Park, and they haven't used brown on a regular jersey since 1990. But executive chairman Ron Fowler hinted during the 2018 season that he expected San Diego to bring back brown uniforms and color schemes by '20.
The team has most recently worn brown and yellow throwback jerseys for Friday night home games.