Meet the newest 'Tatis' -- a baby anteater

October 15th, 2021

It remains to be seen whether will win the National League Most Valuable Player Award, but he certainly has the vote of those at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where they named a baby tamandua -- their "new MVP" -- after the Padres superstar.

"Tatis Jr." (the tamandua pup, not the player) was born at 6.4 pounds and is already climbing trees and displaying much of the same high-level energy as his namesake. Tamanduas are a species of anteater that is native to Central and South America.

Oh, and Tatis Jr.'s father's name? Fernando, of course.

"To honor one of the city’s most recognizable institutions, we named our tiny tamandua after San Diego baseball icon and Padres shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr," the San Diego Zoo Safari Park posted on Instagram. "Our backpack baby is strong and confident just like his namesake, and grows more curious by the day."