Concessions at Citizens Bank Park

There's so much to choose when it comes to the wide selection of food and beverages at Citizens Bank Park. Fans can enjoy traditional ballpark fare, as well as plenty of foods with Philadelphia flavor. There's also a variety of healthier and gluten-free food options - just another reason why the home of the Phillies has been rated one of the best ballparks in the country!

Food and beverages are available throughout Citizens Bank Park, including Ashburn Alley, Pass and Stow, Shake Shack, Coca-Cola Corner and more.

All concession areas are wheelchair accessible. The concessionaire is a joint venture involving Aramark Sports + Entertainment, the Phillies and World Wide Concessions.

Main Concourse Concessions

1883 Burger Co (behind Section 108) A throwback to the year the Phillies were founded. Serving up fresh, never-frozen burgers, chicken tenders, jumbo Phillies Franks and Boardwalk Fries.

Ballpark favorites (behind Sections 106, 116 & 128) including Phillies Franks, popcorn, sodas, pretzels and your favorite beers.

Budweiser Batter's Eye (Ashburn Alley) Offering a full lineup of Anheuser-Busch products in the heart of Ashburn Alley.

Bull’s BBQ (Left Field Plaza) An outdoor BBQ area featuring Bull's famous pulled pork, sliced smoked turkey sandwiches, burnt ends cheesesteak, BBQ ribs, kielbasa “Bull Dog” sandwich along with homestand specials. All entrees available as a platter with two sides (coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, cornbread). Greg "The Bull" Luzinski is the daily host.

Campo's (Ashburn Alley) Campo's Deli has been serving delicious, award-winning sandwiches at 2nd and Market Streets in Old City since 1947 and on Ashburn Alley since 2009! Try a cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak, veggie steak, fries or "The Heater." Specialty steaks available by request.

Chickie's & Pete's® Crabfries® (behind the bullpens in Ashburn Alley right under the Liberty Bell) Chickie's & Pete's®, a Philadelphia icon since 1977, serving its world-famous Crabfries® and chicken cutlets.

Coca-Cola Corner (Left Field Plaza) The Phillies, Coca-Cola and Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages are partnering together to launch this new area, which will showcase seven Philadelphia-area restaurants for a Phillies series in the ballpark. The restaurants will offer one of their well-known menu items paired with the perfect Coca-Cola beverage. Coca-Cola Corner will highlight diverse food options from the selected seven restaurants and a percentage of all purchases of these items will benefit Philabundance to help fight food insecurity. Also featured at the Coca-Cola Corner is a tasty hot dog stand with Hatfield Italian sausages and everyone’s favorite Phillies Franks; a burger and fries stand offering fresh, never-frozen beef burgers and crispy Boardwalk Fries; and a treats stand with everyone's favorite sweet treat: soft-serve ice cream in a Phillies mini cap and funnel cake fries!

Colbie's Southern Kissed Chicken (behind Section 120) Backed by Phillies world champion Ryan Howard, Colbie's offers fans the best in southern-style chicken sandwiches, including The Big Piece (Ryan Howard’s favorite), Colbie's Original and Nashville Hot, plus Peach Spoon Pie for dessert.

Drink Mkt (behind Section 137) Grab your favorite drinks and snacks real fast and get back to your seat.

Federal Donuts & Chicken (behind Section 140) Featuring their famous boneless chicken breast sandwich and freshly made donuts, as well as crispy, hand-battered chicken tenders served with an Everything Rooster dipping sauce.

Gluten-Free Dedicated Stand (behind Section 122) Featuring hot dogs, cheesesteaks, salads, brownies, chewy marshmallow treats and beer/seltzers, which are all gluten free.

Greens & Grains (behind Section 125) A local restaurant chain serving plant-based food for everyone, with fast and fresh options that are easily accessible. Serving up their famous gyro and new for 2024 - a Citizens Bank Park exclusive buffalo chik’n hoagie.

Hatfield Grill (behind Section 135) Traditional grill favorites (with Hatfield Quality Meats) such as Italian sausages and hot dogs, cheesesteaks and tenders & fries.

Jim Beam Cocktail Bar (Section 101 Ashburn Alley) Features your favorite Jim Beam cocktails including the Highball machine! In addition to your Jim Beam favorites, you can choose from a large selection of local, craft, domestic and imported brews.

KLYR Rum (located throughout the ballpark) A clean, American rum distilled in the heart of Pennsylvania, KLYR Rum is a unique, gluten-free distilled spirit with zero grams of sugar or carbohydrates, and it’s lower in calories than other, more sugary rums. Distilled 12 times and filtered 18 times, KLYR is perfect for mixing cocktails or sipping on the rocks.

Kona Big Wave Bar (New!) (by the Third Base Gate/outside Pass and Stow) An outdoor bar featuring a variety of beer, wine and spirits - a perfect spot to spend time with your friends!

Manco & Manco Pizza Your favorite Jersey Shore classic is available at Pass and Stow, Miller Lite Liberty Landing and Section 137.

Miller Lite Liberty Landing (lower level) and Harry the K's (upper level, named after Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas) The locations are built into the scoreboard structure. Both the lower and upper levels provide fantastic views of the field and Ashburn Alley. Get your favorite cocktail or beer and enjoy the view!

Old City Creamery (behind Sections 110 & 137) Features Richman’s soft-serve ice cream in a miniature Phillies batting helmet with a variety of toppings.

Pass and Stow (adjacent to the Third Base Gate) A sports pub featuring design elements that tie into Phillies history and Philadelphia’s iconic Liberty Bell. Indoor area with garage doors that open to the Kona Big Wave Bar outdoor beer garden. Features Manco & Manco at Foundry Pizza! Dine outside or indoors with this artisan pie from a Jersey Shore favorite.

Philadelphia Cocktail Co. (behind Section 113) A selection of beer and cocktails.

P.J. Whelihan's (Ashburn Alley) A sample of delightful pub classics. Features boneless wings, wraps, Citizens Bank Park-exclusive ballpark bomb fries, cheesesteak egg rolls and more.

Shake Shack (adjacent to Third Base Gate) The popular, modern-day "roadside" burger stand serving its classic burgers, crinkle-cut fries, hand-spun shakes and more.

Tony Luke's (Ashburn Alley) Features old Philly-style sandwiches, including cheesesteaks and fries.

Uncle Charlie's Steaks (behind Section 109) Named after 2008 world champion Charlie Manuel, this popular area features classic, Philly-style cheesesteaks on a freshly baked Liscio's seeded rolls and served with Herr's Kettle Chips.

The Yard Bar (behind Section 104 in The Yard) Serving your favorite beer, wine and cocktails.

Yuengling Party Pavilion (Section 105) An area dedicated for fans of Pennsylvania’s own Yuengling Brewery.

Portable Snacks

Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Popcorn (behind Sections 108, 128 & 138) Features hand-spun cotton candy, fresh-popped popcorn and Dippin' Dots.

Gluten-Free (behind Section 122) Dedicated location offering gluten-free cheesesteaks, hot dogs and more.

Jim Beam Portable Bar (behind Section 140) A selection of Jim Beam cocktails and your favorite beers.

Leinenkugel's Portable Bar (Section 142) Featuring your favorite Leinenkugel beers.

Philadelphia Cocktail Co. (behind Sections 121 & 130) A selection of beer and cocktails.

Philadelphia Water Ice (Ashburn Alley and behind Sections 118 & 134) Philly's famous water ice, available in a variety of flavors.

Arcade/Hall of Fame Club/Terrace Level Concessions

700 Level Club (behind Section 317) A throwback to Veterans Stadium offering all your favorite local, domestic & import brews along with cocktails.

1883 Burger Co (behind Section 207) A throwback to the year the Phillies were founded, this new area serves up fresh, never-frozen burgers, chicken tenders, jumbo Phillies Franks and Boardwalk Fries.

Baker Bowl (behind Section 214) and Connie Mack's (behind Section 229) Combination of premium bar and food bistro featuring signature concessions and chef-attended specialty sandwiches (for Hall of Fame Club guests).

Brewerytown (Section 210) Features local, domestic and import brews, as well as peanuts and pretzels.

Chickie's & Pete's® Crabfries® (behind Sections 208, 219, 225 & 319) Chickie’s & Pete’s®, a Philadelphia icon since 1977, serving its world-famous Crabfries.®

Cobblestone Grill (behind Section 319) Features cheesesteaks, French fries, chicken tenders and other ballpark favorites.

Cooperstown Café (behind Section 219) and Columbia Park Café (behind Section 225) Upscale concession stands featuring Chickie's & Pete's® Crabfries®, cheesesteaks, hot dogs and more traditional ballpark fare (for Hall of Fame Club guests).

Hatfield Grill (behind 209) Traditional grill favorites (with Hatfield Quality Meats) such as Italian sausages and hot dogs, burgers and French fries.

High & Inside Pub (Terrace Level behind home plate) Come inside out of the weather and enjoy a full-service bar. Also available for private parties before the game starts.

Independence Ballpark Classic & Brews (Sections 318, 323 & 329) Classic ballpark fare along with a large variety of local and craft brews.

Neighborhood Pizza (behind Sections 205 & 322) Pizzas available in plain and pepperoni.

Old City Creamery (behind Sections 205, 322 & 330) Features Richman’s soft-serve ice cream in a miniature Phillies batting helmet with a variety of toppings.

Philadelphia Cocktail Co. (behind Sections 204 & 323) A large selection of beer and your favorite cocktails.

Philadelphia Water Ice & Richman’s Ice Cream (behind Section 318) Philly’s famous water ice and hand-dipped ice cream, available in a variety of flavors.

Shibe Park Eatery (behind Section 212) Featuring pizzas, Richman’s soft-serve ice cream and traditional ballpark fare (for Hall of Fame Club guests).

South Philadelphia Market (behind Sections 206, 233 & 330) Ballpark favorites including hot dogs, sodas, popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Portable Stands

Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Popcorn & Dippin' Dots (behind Sections 206 & 323)

Philadelphia Water Ice (behind Section 207) Philly’s famous water ice, available in a variety of flavors.

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