The Pirates and Pirates Charities recognize the important service provided to the community by Volunteer Fire Departments. In addition to traditional fire protection functions, Volunteer Fire Department responsibilities have expanded to include many other life-saving services including vehicle and water rescue, weather-related emergencies, industrial and agricultural accidents, etc.

Over 95% of fire companies/departments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are all-volunteer. Volunteer firefighters are just that - volunteers. They contribute a great deal of personal time and energy responding to calls, pursuing training, raising funds for operations, and maintaining station and equipment at those stations.

This Pirates Charities grant program is a way for regional volunteer fire departments to support their volunteer members and their communities. In 2019, a total of ten (10), $1,000 grants were granted to the following regional volunteer fire departments:

  • Bruceton- Bradonville Volunteer Fire Department - Bruceton Mills, WV
  • East Palestine Fire Department - East Palestine, OH
  • Etna Volunteer Fire Department - Etna, PA
  • Homeville Volunteer Fire Department - West Mifflin, PA
  • Midland Volunteer Fire Department - Midland, PA
  • Midway Volunteer Fire Department - Midway, PA
  • New Kensington Fire Department - New Kensington, PA
  • Newell Volunteer Fire Department - Newell, WV
  • Oakland Volunteer Fire Department - Johnstown, PA
  • Tappan Lake Volunteer Fire Department - Scio, OH

More information on the 2020 Pirates Charities volunteer fire department grant program will be released in the near future. Please stay tuned on further details!