Thank you for your interest in hosting a Pirates mascot appearance.

Please carefully read the information below before using the "Request Appearance" button at the bottom of the page to formally submit your request.

Guidelines for securing the Pirates Parrot or Pirates Pierogies

  • Requests must be received in writing at least 10 days prior to the event.
  • Requests must be submitted using the online request form.
  • Upon receipt of the online request form, we will review your request and you will receive an email or telephone confirmation that your request has been received.
  • If the online request form is incomplete, we will notify you via email or telephone that additional information is needed.
  • If the Pirates mascot is confirmed to attend your event and there is a change in the date for any reason, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the new date. If any changes occur after the date has been confirmed, please notify the Pittsburgh Pirates as soon as possible.

Mascot Rates

Please see the rates for a Pirates Mascot appearance. Please note: mileage will be added on to all appearances more than 16 miles roundtrip from PNC Park.

Mascot Rates

Time Pirate Parrot Pierogy
60 $300 $150
30 $200 $100

Non-Profit Rates

Time Pirates Parrot Pierogy
60 $175 $125
30 $125 $75

Event Requirements

  • A PLACE TO CHANGE (NOT A PUBLIC RESTROOM): The mascot does not come dressed in his costume. Due to the size of the costume, he will need a large, private room that is indoors to change into costume. Bathrooms, vans/vehicles or facilities where he can be seen getting in or out of costume are not acceptable. If changing area isn't suitable, our performer reserves the right to cancel the appearance with no refund.
  • SPECIAL REQUESTS: The mascot is more than happy to adapt to your event. If you have a special ceremony or program that you would like him to be involved in, please let him know. Otherwise, he will go about his usual program. He will shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures with your guests.
  • PARADES: If your event is a parade, please make sure there is an escort at the end of the parade route. This "Mascot Helper" should be able to escort the mascot back to either the meet and greet area or the changing room, depending if there is any time remaining in the appearance. A vehicle is also highly suggested depending on the distance of the parade.
  • MASCOT HELPER: The hosting organiztion MUST supply the mascot with a designated helper. This person will meet the mascot upon arrival, show him where to change and be a general assistant. It is also a great help if the "Mascot Helper" can get cold drinks whenever they are needed.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Please make sure the contact information on the previous page is 100% accurate. This will only assist in making your event as successful as possible with the mascot. If the performer cannot get in touch with the event contact, the performer has the right to cancel the appearance with no refund.
  • THE MASCOT IS A PROFESSIONAL AND PREFERS TO WORK ALONE: Other "characters" not professionally constructed or endorsed by recognized organizations tend to lessen the impact of the performance.
  • PROMOTION OF APPEARANCE / USE OF MARKS: The Pirates mascots are employees of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club, which has developed through expenditure of time, money and effot, valuable goodwill under various Pirates Marks, which include but are not limited to the Pirates "P", the PNC Park logo, the Jolly Roger logo, color schemes used by the Pirates in advertising, logos or uniforms, or any copyrights, service marks, lettering, trade dress, color schemes, logos, trademarks, work marks, symbols, emblems, trademark, designs, indicia or source, identification, sponsorship or affiliation, if any, used, owned or reasonably understood to be associated with PALP (the "Marks"). You MAY promote the fact of the mascot's appearance at your event, buy you MAY NOT sell any products which utilize the Marks or pictures of the Pirate Parrot and/or Pirates Pierogies. All use of the Marks is expressly prohibited without prior written agreement of the Pirates.

Following the Event

  • The Pittsburgh Pirates request that any photograph/videography shot during the event be provided to the team, preferably in a digital format.
  • The Pirates retain the right to use any photography or videography taken during the event for promotional or marketing purposes.

If you are a Group Leader or Season Ticket Holder, please call 412-325-4768 for preferred pricing for your special occasion.