Pirate Parrot Stats
  • Height (feet): Larger than life
  • Weight (lbs): Won't sit still on a scale
  • Waist (inches): We can't tell you that!
  • Eyes: Cross-eyed from watching too much TV.
  • Feathers: Lime green shag fur.
  • Birthplace: Hatched at Three Rivers Stadium in 1979.

Season Stats

  • High Fives: 9,849 (121.6 per game)
  • Pictures Taken: 4,829 (59.6 per game)
  • Fans Covered in Silly String: 462 (5.7 per game)
Activity - Color the Pirate Parrot

Hey kids, you can bring the Pirate Parrot to life by downloading, printing and coloring in the drawings below!

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