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Flexible Season Membership

With a Flexible Season Membership, you receive the flexibility to choose your games and seats throughout the 2022 regular season. Whether it's seats for two in the Rays Club or tickets for you and five friends in the Outfield, your seat location and quantity are up to you. A Flexible Season Membership ensures your priority as a Rays Season Member and provides early access to tickets for your choice of games.

  • Flexibility. Redeem your membership credit for as many games as you want to attend, one at a time or all at once. Use the credit on your account to buy any combination of tickets, up to six per game.
  • Value. Enjoy Season Member benefits and discounted ticket pricing with savings over single-game tickets.
  • Priority Access to Tickets. A Flexible Season Membership ensures your priority as a Rays Season Member and provides access to tickets ahead of the general public.

Flexible Season Membership Levels

2022 Flexible Season Memberships

Flexible Season Membership Seating Map

2022 Flexible Seating Membership - Seating Chart


Q: How will I access and share my tickets for the 2022 season?
A: All tickets for the 2022 season are mobile-only and can be accessed and managed via the MLB Ballpark app or through your Rays Ticket Account on a mobile device. For more information about mobile tickets, please visit

Q: Will paper tickets be available?
A: Tropicana Field only accepts mobile tickets through the MLB Ballpark app. Paper tickets, including print-at-home and PDF versions, are not available or accepted.

Q: I have credit on my account from the 2020 season. Can it be applied to my 2022 Season Membership?
A: Any credit rolled over from the 2020 season will be automatically applied to your 2022 Season Membership purchase.

Q: Will my Rays Rewards points for 2021 be rolled over to 2022?
A: For all accounts that renew for the 2022 season, 50% of your Rays Rewards points will rollover.

Q: Will my Burst Bucks from 2021 be rolled over to 2022?
A: All Burst Bucks expire December 31, 2021.

Q: How do I access my 20% discount for concessions and merchandise during the 2022 season?
A: Access to your Season Member discount is available exclusively via the MLB Ballpark app on your mobile device.

Q: When will I be able to purchase games using my account credit?
A: You will be emailed when Season Member presales begin to redeem your credit for 2022 regular-season home games.

Q: Will credit from my Flexible Season Membership be available to use for Postseason tickets or future seasons?
A: All ​2022 Season Membership credit must be used by the conclusion of the 2022 regular season.

Q: How many tickets can I purchase with my Flexible Season Membership?
A: You can purchase up to six (6) tickets for each game you wish to attend.

Q: What can I spend my Season Membership credit on?
A: Your membership credit can be used towards discounted single-game tickets and parking for any 2022 regular-season home games.

Q: Will the entire 2022 season be on sale at once during the presale?
A: Yes, your Season Member Presale will give you access to all regular-season home games.

Q: If I choose the Flexible Season Membership option for 2022, am I forgoing the rights to my previous fixed seating location?
A: Fixed seating locations will not be retained if you choose a Flexible Season Membership for the 2022 season. Being a Flexible Member gives you the ability to pick and choose your games and seating location based on your needs.

Rays Season Memberships are not available to accounts that purchase with the intent to resell.