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Colorado Rockies Home Run 5K

The Technology

Your Timing Device for this event is the ChronoTrack B-Tag: A single use bib tag.

The ChronoTrack® Timing System is an innovation that allows for the use of disposable tags called B-Tags. One of the many goals of the ChronoTrack® system is to simplify the timing process for athletes. A disposable tag eliminates the need for the athlete to worry about turning your chip in after the race and allows you to spend more time focusing on competing. Shorter lines before the race to pick up your bib and chip and no line to return your tag or chip afterward are just some of the benefits to the ChronoTrack® system.

The B-Tag comes already attached to the back of your bib and is far lighter and less intrusive than other timing tags and chips. By placing your bib on the front of your body, you will receive an accurate time and quickly forget that it is even there!

The "Green" Process

The B-Tag is a standard RFID tag that is landfill safe.

Key Benefits:
  • Disposable tag
  • Accurate time
  • No fees for lost or unreturned tags
  • Less hassle post race
  • Lighter, less intrusive tag
  • No pre-race check-in
  • No post-race tag turn-in
In order to receive an accurate time, please confirm your bib is:
  • Clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle)
  • Pinned in all four corners
  • Not covered (jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)