Bark at the Park Ticket Package

Is your dog right for Bark at the Park?

Yes, if your dog:
  • Is old enough to be around other dogs and people (at least 4 months of age)
  • Is up-to-date on all required vaccinations
  • Is in relatively good health and can walk up and down several flights of stairs
  • Does well on-leash and is not overly aggressive toward other dogs
  • Is friendly toward humans and not excessively fearful
  • Is a Rockies fan!
Probably not, if your dog:
  • Is still too young to mix with a big crowd (under 4 months of age)
  • Is a senior dog that would have trouble navigating stairs and being outside for an extended period of time
  • Has issues with heat
  • Has aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or humans while on-leash (or off)
  • Is exhibiting any signs of illness close to the day of the game (i.e. cough, nasal discharge, lethargy, diarrhea, etc.). These symptoms can be signs of potentially infectious illnesses and it would probably be best for your dog, as well as the other dogs in attendance, if they did not attend.
  • Has issues with loud noises (loud music, cheering, etc. will occur before/during/after the game)