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Royals Fans Got Talent

KC - Royals Fans Got Talent Logo

Do you have what it takes to perform in front of thousands of Kansas City Royals fans? Now’s your chance! The Kansas City Royals are searching for new talent to take the stage at Kauffman Stadium. We are now accepting auditions and applications for the National Anthem and God Bless America.

Performance Auditions Requirements:

  1. All performances submitted must have been recorded in 2019, 2020, or 2021 (an out of date performance will not be considered)
  2. Performance of the National Anthem must be 90 seconds or less
  3. Performance of God Bless America must be 90 seconds or less
  4. All performances must be done a cappella
  5. No use of pyrotechnics and/or harmful materials are allowed during performance
  6. Performances are done on a volunteer basis with the understanding that no compensation will occur for participation
  7. All performances are subject to approval by the Kansas City Royals
  8. Submission of performance does not guarantee an invitation to perform

Due to COVID-19, the Royals will NOT host live auditions this year. Here’s how to submit your audition:

  • All National Anthem and God Bless America auditions must be emailed to [email protected]
  • There will not be a separate email address for groups this year. If you are a school choir/band/group, you must submit to the above email address
  • Once you have submitted, the Royals will contact you if approved or denied.