Gardenhire seeks clarification of overturned call

Tigers manager ejected from opener after arguing play at the plate

March 31st, 2018

DETROIT -- Ron Gardenhire joked Saturday morning that he's the only Major League manager on pace to be ejected 162 times in a season.
After Friday's replay reversal on ' play at home plate denied the Tigers a game-winning run in the 10th inning of a game that ended up a 13-10 Opening Day loss in 13 innings, Gardenhire could at least chuckle about the circumstances, even though he's still seeking clarification on how it happened.
Before the reversal, Gardenhire said Saturday, "I got hugged six times telling me, 'Congratulations on your first win.'"
During the review, Gardenhire said, "[] was telling me, 'What happens if they change it? You gonna kick dirt on home plate?' And I said, 'Damn right I am.' I didn't know they were gonna change it. So I kicked dirt on home plate."

That earned Gardenhire his first ejection as Tigers manager, in his first game as Tigers manager. It was the 74th ejection of Gardenhire's managerial career.
"I don't get thrown out of games very often," Gardenhire said wryly.
Jokes aside, Gardenhire said the Tigers have asked for Major League Baseball for clarification on the reversal and the evidence that led to it. It's not so much second guessing the ruling, at this point, but trying to learn how they came to it and adjusting their process for replay challenges. Gardenhire said none of the angles they saw suggested definitively that Castellanos was out.
"We have an opportunity to get the picture, and we're asking for that," Gardenhire said. "We want to see what they saw, the video, what determined it. Because what we have just didn't show it. Supposedly there might be some sort of overhead view. … It is what it is. They made their decision. We're asking to look at this. We want to see what it was so maybe we can get better with our video. Our guy [David Allende] is pretty good back there."

The review wasn't a manager challenge, but a decision from the crew and MLB based on the stage of the game and the significance of the play.
Despite the disappointment, Gardenhire said the way the team continued to battle gave him encouragement.
"I was just really proud of the guys, the way we played," Gardenhire said. "We got after the game. Sure, we had some snafus here and there. We're working through our bullpen to try to get guys in the right places. Kind of trial and error right now. But overall, the way we got after it and stayed after the game, it was a fun baseball game. A little disappointing at the end, but I was really proud of the guys."