Every WS since '82 has a Smoltz teammate

It's good to be a teammate of John Smoltz

October 28th, 2021
Art by Benjamin Marra

Since 1982, there have been 38 World Series played (no Series was played in 1994 because of the strike). That's 38 seasons -- nearly four decades of Fall Classic baseball -- with the current Fall Classic being the 39th.

And for each one of those late October or sometimes early November games, there has amazingly been at least one participant who played previously with John Smoltz ... or would end up playing in the future with Smoltz. Or, John Smoltz was just playing. What we're saying is that every World Series since 1982 has been extremely Smoltzy. Ted Simmons kicked things off in the 1982 World Series (Smoltz's teammate in '88) and Charlie Morton is the 2021 World Series version (Smoltz's teammate in '08).

Big thanks to r/baseball for pointing this fact out a few days ago. It's believed to be the current longest such streak in sports.

Here's the full list of Smoltz teammates:

1982 World Series - Ted Simmons with Brewers (Smoltz's teammate on 1988 Braves)

1983 World Series - Ozzie Virgil with Phillies (Smoltz's teammate on 1988 Braves)

1984 World Series - Darrell Evans with Tigers (Smoltz's teammate on 1989 Braves)

1985 and 1987 World Series - Terry Pendleton with Cardinals (Smoltz's teammate on 1991-94, '96 Braves)

1986 World Series - Danny Heep with Mets (Smoltz's teammate on 1991 Braves)

1988 and 1989 World Series - Walt Weiss with A's (Smoltz's teammate on 1998-2000 Braves)

1990 World Series - Norm Charlton with Reds (Smoltz's teammate on 1998 Braves)

1991, 1992, 1995, 1996 and 1999 World Series - Self with Braves

1993 World Series - Terry Mulholland with Phillies (Smoltz's teammate on 1999-2000 Braves)

1994 World Series - Strike, no Series

1997 World Series - Marquis Grissom with Indians (Smoltz's teammate on 1995-96 Braves)

1998 World Series - Mike Stanton with Yankees (Smoltz's teammate on 1989-95 Braves)

2000 and 2001 World Series - David Justice with Yankees (Smoltz's teammate on 1989-96 Braves)

2002 World Series - Kenny Lofton with Giants (Smoltz's teammate on 1997 Braves)

2003 World Series - Chris Hammond with Yankees (Smoltz's teammate on 2002 Braves)

2004, 2007 and 2013 World Series with Red Sox - David Ortiz (Smoltz's teammate on 2009 Red Sox)

2005 World Series - Willie Harris with White Sox (Smoltz's teammate on 2007 Braves)

2006 and 2011 World Series - Albert Pujols with Cardinals (Smoltz's teammate on 2009 Cardinals)

2008 World Series - Rocco Baldelli with Rays (Smoltz's teammate on 2009 Red Sox)

2009 World Series - Mark Teixeira with Yankees (Smoltz's teammate on 2007-08 Braves)

2010 World Series - Jeff Francoeur with Rangers (Smoltz's teammate on 2005-08 Braves)

2012 World Series - Octavio Dotel with Tigers (Smoltz's teammate on 2007 Braves)

2014 World Series - Tim Hudson with Giants (Smoltz's teammate on 2005-08 Braves)

2015 World Series - Kelly Johnson with Mets (Smoltz's teammate on 2005-08 Braves)

2016 World Series - Jon Lester with Cubs (Smoltz's teammate on 2009 Red Sox)

2017, 2020 and 2021 World Series with Astros, Rays, Braves - Charlie Morton (Smoltz's teammate on 2008 Braves)

2018 World Series - David Freese with Dodgers (Smoltz's teammate on 2009 Cardinals)

2019 World Series - Josh Reddick with Astros (Smoltz's teammate on 2009 Red Sox)

Some notable facts:

• Smoltz and Smoltz's teammates have a 17-21 record in these World Series matchups

• Two players have been a World Series MVP (Ortiz, 2013; Freese, 2011)

• How did Smoltz's World Series teammates do when facing him on another team? They were 40-for-161 -- good for a .248 batting average. They struck out 34 times. Mulholland, a pitcher, faced Smoltz five times and struck out all five. Who had the best numbers? Surprisingly, the light-hitting Harris: He hit .546 in 11 at-bats against the Cy Young winner. Teixeira also had three hits in five at-bats.

• Smoltz can keep his streak going in 2022 if Morton just continues to make the World Series, like he seemingly has the last few seasons. A Fall Classic appearance by Reddick, Lester, Pujols, Adam Wainwright or Yadier Molina in 2022 would also do it. According to the diligent Reddit author, former reliever Darren Oliver has the second longest streak going back to 1984 (that run was kept alive once Jesse Chavez came into Game 2 on Wednesday).