2022 Game Ticket Refund Request

Using the form below, you may choose to receive the paid value of your game tickets and parking pass to be available towards a future game purchase or refunded to your original payment method.

Requests must be made at least 2 hours prior to game time.

Paid value includes game tickets and parking passes, as well as per ticket convenience fees. Requests can ONLY be made by the original ticket purchaser. If you were forwarded a game ticket and/or parking pass, you are not eligible to receive a credit or refund.

Complimentary Tickets, including promotional Ticket Vouchers, SPONSOR or GUEST tickets are not eligible for refunds. Please contact the ticket office for any available exchange options.

StubHub/Secondary Market Ticket Purchases: For tickets purchased via StubHub or another reseller, please refer to the help section of the site from which you purchased your tickets for details. The Brewers are not responsible for and will not provide any credits or exchanges of any ticket purchased via StubHub or any other secondary market reseller. Any questions regarding tickets purchased via StubHub should be directed to the Stubhub Help Center.