About Clark


Interview with Clark

Hey Clark, what got you hooked on the Chicago Cubs?

I was born loving the Cubs! My great-grandbear Joa was once the original live bear mascot for the team back in the early 1900s. When Joa retired to the Lincoln Park Zoo, he delighted all the young bears with hundreds of amazing Cubs stories, and I was hooked!

So the love for Cubs baseball runs in your family?

You bet! Ever since I heard those stories from great-grandbear Joa, I've dreamed of making him proud and joining the team!

How did you end up becoming the team's mascot?

One day, I heard the roar of the crowd coming all the way from Wrigleyville. I was determined to finally see the Cubs play, so I followed the sound right to Wrigley Field just in time to see the Cubs raise the W flag and sing "Go Cubs Go!" After seeing my love for the Cubs, the team invited me to continue the family tradition and become the official mascot! It was the best day of my life!

Where can we find you during Cubs home games?

Before games, I can usually be found hanging out at Gallagher Way outside of Wrigley Field. During games, I like to walk around the ballpark and take pictures with Cubs fans of all ages. I also like to stop by the First Timer's Booth from time to time!

It sounds like you really love being a part of the Cubs organization!

Of course I do! It's always fun being around the team, and Cubs fans are the best in the world! Who wouldn't want to spend every day rooting on the Chicago Cubs at beautiful Wrigley Field?!

Clark's Favorites

Full Name: Clark the Cub

Favorite Color: Cubbie Blue

Favorite Vacation Spot: Mesa, Arizona

Favorite Song: "Go Cubs Go" of course!

Hobbies: Practicing my T-ball swing and hanging out with Clark's Crew members!

Favorite Movie: "Rookie of the Year"

Achievements: 2016 World Series Champion, 2018 Mascot Home Run Derby Champion