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Suite Partners General Information

  • D-backs Hospitality and Business Development Hotline - 602.462.4119
  • D-backs Hospitality and Premium Services Fax - 602.462.6808
  • Levy Restaurants Food and Beverage Orders - 602.462.3024 Fax- 602.462.3088
  • In-Suite Food Server - 602.462.3999
  • The Draft Room Reservations - 602.462.3430
  • Diney Ransford - Manager, Hospitality and Premium Services - 602.462.6818
  • Bryan White - Director, Event Services - 602.462.6656
  • Medical Emergency - 602.462.2444

Each suite receives a fixed number of terrace tickets for D-backs home games. These regular suite tickets represent seating on the suite terrace. Although the tickets are numbered, the terrace seats are open for your guests as first come first serve, unless other arrangements have been made by the individual Suite Partner. All suite tickets are bar coded. It is highly recommended that Suite Partners keep a record of which ticket numbers are distributed to which suite guest(s). Please note that all guests in your suite must have a suite ticket. Children 2 years of age and younger do not require a ticket to enter the ballpark. Children 3 years and older are required to have a ticket.

Resale of suite tickets is prohibited.

Suite tickets to the Arizona Diamondbacks games are available for pick up (or mailed) prior to the beginning of each season. Other types of events such as concerts, family shows, sports competitions, etc. have tickets mailed prior to each event as it occurs. It is important that the Suite Partner keep an updated mailing address on file with Hospitality & Premium Services. Updates or changes to your mailing address can be sent via fax to 602.462.6808 or to

Overflow Tickets

An additional number of tickets per suite may be purchased by an Authorized Signor. These are known as overflow tickets. To order overflow tickets, please contact Diney Ransford at 602.462.6818 or

Refunds or Cancellations

There are no refunds or cancellations once a ticket has been printed. If your guest is not able to attend the event, we suggest that another guest be invited. You can contact Hospitality & Premium Services, and we will change the name at Will Call to accommodate this replacement.

Stolen or Misplaced Tickets

Tickets to events at Chase Field are valuable items and we recommend you keep them in a secure place. Lost or stolen tickets can be replaced only under the conditions set forth by D-backs management and only to the Suite Partner on record. Reports of stolen tickets must be accompanied by a police report indicating the circumstances of the theft. Stolen tickets (with a police report) will be replaced without additional charges. If tickets are lost or misplaced, you may contact Hospitality & Premium Services about suite ticket re-prints. All tickets are bar coded, so it is important for Suite Partners to have a record of which ticket numbers were issued to each suite guest. Re-printed tickets are meant to assist the Suite Partner in extreme circumstances. The option to issue re-prints is a privilege and may be suspended due to abuse by the Suite Partner.


Each suite is equipped with two television monitors. One monitor, located above the terrace seats, provides an excellent view for instant replays, ballpark and D-backs videos. The second monitor is located within the living area of the suite, providing the opportunity to view another sporting event or show. Each television has access to several satellite channels as well as our in-house ballpark channel. For selected events, such as concerts, family shows, etc., you may experience a blackout of televisions in order to enhance the event. This occurs at the request of the promoter or performing artist and the monitors are unavailable for the duration of that performance.

Refrigerator and Ice Maker

To keep beverages cold, your suite comes with two locking refrigerators and an ice maker.

Terrace Seating

Each suite is configured with permanent, theater-style seats on the terrace overlooking the field. Two of the terrace seats are movable to facilitate their removal in the event wheelchair seating is necessary.

To accommodate our fans, while striving to maintain maximum levels of safety and comfort, Chase Field will adhere to the following policy:

  • Soft coolers containing food in a clear plastic grocery style bag will be allowed into Chase Field, but they must be able to fit under a standard seat and may not exceed 11" x 11" x 15" in dimension.
  • Only non-flavored/non-carbonated water in sealed, plastic water bottles or empty plastic water bottles will be allowed, as will sealed single-serving juice boxes and formula/baby food.
  • No metal or glass containers for food or beverages will be permitted. Thermos containers and similar items will not be allowed.
  • Guests with medical needs or other special needs that cannot be met under this policy are encouraged to contact our Disability Services Manager at 602.462.6163.
  • The D-backs reserve the right to inspect any items brought into Chase Field. Specific gates will be utilized for patrons bringing food, beverages and containers into the ballpark.

Entertainment Events

Each year, Chase Field hosts a number of entertainment events in addition to D-backs games. Suite Partners will be advised of these events as they are booked. Entertainment events include musical performances, family shows and various motor sports competitions. Most entertainment events in the ballpark will offer the Suite Partner first right of refusal to purchase the permanent terrace seats in their suite.

Event Cancelled/Rescheduled

In the unfortunate circumstance of a show canceling or rescheduling for another date, Hospitality & Premium Services will provide Suite Partners with details regarding refunds or alternate performance dates.

Hours of Operation

For Sunday through Thursday games, access to suites is available one and a half hours prior to first pitch until one-half hour after each event. For Friday and Saturday game, access to suites is available two hours prior to first pitch and until one-half hour after each event. When there are multiple events on the same day, use of the suites prior to, and after each event, may be restricted as necessary to provide proper cleaning and security. All other access times to your suite may be prearranged with Hospitality & Premium Services. This would include use of the AOT Suite Conference Room within the AOT Suite Conference & Copy Center for meetings, sales presentations and business lunches or breakfasts. There is no charge to Suite Partners to use the AOT Suite Conference Center.

Event Policies

Each event in the ballpark establishes its own policies regarding audio and/or video recording and photography of the event. It is anticipated that most concerts will not allow recording of any kind, while sporting events typically allow audio as well as photography (no flash), but no video recording. Information on the specific policies of an upcoming event can be obtained from Hospitality & Premium Services. We expect Suite Partners to recognize and abide by all policies regarding photography, and the audio and video recording of events. During certain events, such as concerts or family shows, performers insist that the ballpark be dark in order to create the best possible atmosphere. Suite Partners will be asked to abide by the "lights out" rule for these events. This will often include television monitors. It is extremely important that this rule be adhered to without exception. Many artists will not go on stage unless the house is completely dark. During select events, such as concerts, for security reasons, all guests attending will be required to enter the ballpark via the main concourse. Bags, boxes, packages and briefcases will be checked at all entrances. The promoter has the right to request that purses be checked at all entrances as well. No persons under the age of 21 years old are permitted in the suites unless accompanied by a supervising adult. It is unlawful for persons under the age of 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages. Smoking and the use of any unlawful drugs is strictly prohibited. Glass bottles must remain inside the suites. If a guest wants to leave the suite with a drink, they must pour their beverage into a disposable cup, which are provided in each suite. Suite Partners are asked to refrain from throwing any object into the audience or onto any playing field or stage. Suite Partners are responsible for the conduct of their suite guests at all times.

Chase Field has been designed to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. Each suite allows wheelchair seating in the terrace section of the suite. Two terrace seats are removable and may be moved out of the back row to accommodate a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are also available from the ballpark on a temporary basis to transport guests needing assistance to your suite. To make arrangements for the use of a wheelchair, contact Hospitality & Premium Services prior to the event. In addition, assistive listening devices are available for hearing impaired guests upon request.

Suite Partner Parking

One of the convenient things about owning a suite is knowing you will have a place to park when you arrive for an event. If you are running a little late or have an important client to meet, your guaranteed parking spaces can be crucial to catch the first pitch. Each suite receives two reserved parking spaces in the Chase Field Garage, which are specifically numbered and assigned to that suite. The suite also receives one unreserved space where the Suite Partner can use any space available in the garage not marked as a reserved space. To control entry to the Chase Field Garage, two reserved space parking booklets, with one access pass for each home game, will be issued. Another parking booklet will be issued allowing access to the unreserved space.

Parking Attendants

Our parking attendants may ask to see the passes of all parkers using reserved spaces to assure that they are in the correct spot. If an unauthorized vehicle is parked in your reserved space, notify a parking attendant immediately, and we will locate a place for you to park. The violating vehicle will be cited and a record maintained of the vehicle. Repeat offenders will be immobilized and/or towed from the garage.

Special Needs

If you have a guest who may require special assistance or parking arrangements, please contact Hospitality & Premium Services in advance. We will make every effort to accommodate those with unique needs.


The maintenance of all facility-owned furniture and fixtures is the responsibility of the ballpark. Those Suite Partners who have chosen to furnish their suites with custom artwork or pictures will be responsible for the upkeep of those particular items. Hospitality & Premium Services perform an ongoing preventative maintenance check of all suites during the year. However, you may discover an item that needs attention. If you encounter any maintenance problems while attending an event, please bring them to the attention of a Suite Attendant. During all events, an employee on duty can provide assistance. During non-event times, contact Diney Ransford to record your maintenance request.


Cleaning of your suite occurs after each event. During events, members of the Operations Department are available to clean spills, empty trash, etc. For assistance, please contact a Suite Attendant.


You are encouraged to bring in items such as artwork, paintings, silk plants, sculptures, etc. to enhance the decor of your suite. Corporations may choose to provide their own napkins, plastic cups, etc. with their company logo on them as a means of corporate advertising. Any type of structural change, such as chair railing, furniture, installation of shelves,
cabinets, etc. must be approved in advance by the ballpark. Contact Diney Ransford for details.