Buy or sell? Deadline decisions loom in NL East

July 25th, 2019

With less than a week to go until Major League Baseball's Trade Deadline on Wednesday, things have remained relatively quiet despite an active rumor mill. Just don't expect that to continue, especially on the Eastern Seaboard. All five National League East teams have incentive to be active this month, as the buyers look to reload for playoff runs and the sellers try to restock for 2020.

While the Trade Deadline is always good for a few surprises, we polled a group of scouts and executives from around the league on what each NL East team may do before the Deadline. Here's what they had to say:

Note: Some responses have been edited for clarity or brevity.


What they need: "Pitching. They could use a starter and a reliever, probably more so a starter." -- NL executive

Who they might move: "Their depth lies in Triple-A pitching. Any prospect list is going to have Kolby Allard, Kyle Wright on it, or even Ian Anderson in Double-A." -- NL executive

What they can get: "The usual suspects are out there for them. , , for the rotation. would make sense for the bullpen." -- NL executive


What they need: "They just need all manner of players. They need so many different things." -- AL scout

Who they might move: "The problem is they do have some interesting pieces, but they tend to be guys who can be controlled for five years. Other than that, on the pitching side they have , if a team is dying for a fifth starter. They can try to find a believer in ." -- NL executive

What they can get: "The Marlins' position is such that they can just go for maximum value. They shouldn't care about anything else. There's no roster constraint. There isn't a particular time constraint, because it's not like they have a wave that's breaking in close enough to compete." -- NL executive


What they need: "Is there an area of prospect they need the most? I guess they need pitching. You have , you have , you have your pseudo-young core of position players, but they need a hell of a lot of pitching." -- AL scout

Who they might move: "The Mets should trade , obviously. The Mets should trade . They should trade . They should trade . They should trade . needs to go, because he can't keep playing left field." -- AL scout

What they can get: "It's going to be tough for them to get value for Wheeler with so little time off the injured list. Their chances of trading him will get better the deeper and better he pitches on Friday. I think a B-level pitching prospect, ranked like 9-15 in another team's system, is around what they should expect back." -- AL executive


What they need: "They just need some stability. They've been playing so much better lately. They definitely need to make a bullpen move, but they obviously weren't as bad as they were playing early this season." -- AL scout

Who they might move: "It's tough, because they have a whale in , who's too big to give up for anybody other than a huge bullpen piece. Other than that, they have a shortstop in Luis Garcia. He's a little bit of a fallen star. He came into this year with the hype of all hype. He's had a tough year, so they might not want to sell low on him. The rest of their prospects are more depth types that won't get them much." -- NL executive

What they can get: "I would guess that they are not going to go for broke. They're not going to go fishing in the big-name pool. If they can snag a second-tier guy like a , I could see them doing that. might work for them." -- AL scout


What they need: "What the Phillies need is a direction. They need starting pitching. They need some relievers, because none of them can seem to stay healthy. They need an outfielder. Across the infield, they're OK." -- AL scout

Who they might move: "It's possible they could look to move Major League pieces. They keep changing their mind on , for example, but they've talked about Franco for bullpen help a whole bunch of times for a couple of years now." -- NL executive

What they can get: "In some ways, it would make sense for them to go all-in for a dude who has control. would make sense, but the Tigers have been asking for an insane amount in return. would have been a good answer, but the Giants are good all of the sudden. I saw a report that they were attached to . I know he's kind of a different guy and might not enjoy Philadelphia that much, but that would work. They need a name, because just hasn't been enough." -- AL scout