Superman returns! Pillar goes all-out for catch

August 22nd, 2020

Clark Kent shed his glasses, donned his cape and took flight once again.

Long known for making spectacular plays in the outfield, earning him the nickname "Superman," did it again on Friday night in Baltimore. Leading off the fourth inning, Orioles catcher Pedro Severino worked the count full, fouling off four pitches after falling behind, 1-2. On the 10th pitch of the at-bat, he sliced a fly ball down the right-field line. It drifted into foul territory and would've kept the at-bat alive if it weren't for Pillar.

Boston's right fielder sprinted 92 feet and dove across the foul line to make the play. He had just a 25% chance of catching it, according to Statcast, making it a five-star play.

If Pillar was unable to make the catch, it would have fallen for a foul ball, but the out was key because Severino has been one of the best hitting catchers in baseball this season, ranking second overall with a .964 OPS coming into Friday's game.