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Detroit Tigers Foundation Grantmaking

Awarded funding has been widespread throughout Michigan, covering our community from Saginaw to Taylor, from Clinton Township to Chelsea. Moreover, funding has been invested strategically, strengthening youth baseball programs throughout the region through the Foundation's cornerstone program, Play Baseball Detroit.

In a commitment to sustain and strengthen our ongoing programs, at this time the Detroit Tigers Foundation is not accepting new grant applications. However, we remain very interested in new programs and projects that are happening in the community, and encourage you to let us know about yours. In lieu of detailed grant applications, we welcome submissions of no longer than three (3) pages, including budget, additional partners and timeline, outlining your effort to enhance lives through the game of baseball. Please submit project summaries to the address below.

Detroit Tigers Foundation
2100 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

Based on the program summaries, the Detroit Tigers Foundation may invite select organizations to provide additional information.

In the meantime, you are encouraged to take advantage of the other Detroit Tigers community programs, including the Ticket Donation Program, Memorabilia Donation Program and Ticket Fundraising Program.