Future Game Ticket Exchange

The Future Game Ticket Exchange is free, fast, easy and convenient via My Tigers Tickets.

As a core benefit to 1901 Society members, you can exchange games before they take place and forward them to friends, family or colleagues in minutes. You can also choose to move a game in your membership plan to either attend a game you don’t already have in your plan or to increase the number of tickets you have for an existing game in your plan.

Exchanges help you customize your experience as a 1901 Society member!

How to Exchange Your Season Tickets

Future Game Ticket Exchange deadline is 24 hours prior to the start time of the game you wish to turn in.

Log in to your My Tigers Tickets account with the email address associated with your season tickets

Once logged into My Tigers Tickets,

  • From the menu, click "My Tigers Tickets" and then click "Exchange"

  • Use the month dropdown (if necessary) and choose the game and seat(s) you would like to exchange and click "Continue"

Please Note: You cannot exchange tickets that are not in the same Order ID

  • Review what you are exchanging and click "Find Eligible Events"

  • Select the game to exchange from the list of eligible games (based on Game Tiers)

  • Pick your seats from the map and click "Continue"

  • Review your exchange and check the box to agree to terms and then click “Place Order”

  • All exchanges will be delivered via the MLB Ballpark App to the primary season ticket member

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Game Tiers

There are four different tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) for the games in your Tigers membership. Game Tiers are subject to change.

Future Game Ticket Exchange Guidelines

  • The exchange deadline is 24 hours prior to the start time of the game you wish to turn in.

  • We will not accept exchange requests over the phone, via text or in person at the Comerica Park Box Office, Ticket Lobby or during a game.

  • The original 1901 Society member seating location may be exchanged only once. Seating locations that have been exchanged may not be turned in again.

  • Parking is not eligible for the exchange program.

  • If your membership is on a payment plan, your monthly payments are applied game by game throughout the season. To exchange a game that is not fully paid, you must make a payment for the unpaid games, including the game you're attempting to exchange out of, to complete the transaction. Payments made towards unpaid games during the exchange process will reduce the overall balance of your payment plan.

  • If you are exchanging into a higher-tiered game or more expensive seating location, you must pay for the difference in price.

  • Future game exchanges are ticket-for-ticket and may not be combined to exchange for tickets in a higher-priced category or multiple tickets in a lower-priced category.

  • If you are exchanging into a lower-tiered game or less expensive seating location, you will not receive credit for the difference in price.

  • The following tickets are not eligible for exchange: tickets from unused past game dates, tickets posted for resale, previously exchanged tickets, single-game and group tickets, complimentary tickets.

  • Due to limited inventory, exchanged tickets for the Jim Beam Champions Club, On-Deck Circle and Tiger Den will be relocated to the Lower Infield Box or Infield Box, based on availability. Popular games, popular days and popular seating areas are more difficult to exchange, as seating inventory is extremely limited.

  • Single seats cannot be stranded. If you are trying to exchange your two tickets into a location of three open seats, the exchange cannot be completed because one seat would be left by itself.

  • 1901 Society members may exchange a maximum of 50 percent of their season tickets.

  • A maximum of 10 tickets can be exchanged per game.

  • Game dates and guidelines are subject to change.

For any special requests or additional questions on Future Game Ticket Exchange, please contact your Membership Services Account Executive directly or contact the Membership Services Team at 313.471.7171 or [email protected].