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Southpaw Strikes Out Bullying

Southpaw Strikes Out Bullying

Pre-Video Instructions

Hello class! Today we are going to be watching a video from some special friends about something very important, bullying. Now before we get started, can someone tell me what bullying looks like to them?

Those are all great answers! I’m sure we will learn more by watching this special video about bullying sent to us from the Chicago White Sox! Let’s go!

Begin playing Southpaw Strikes out Bullying video: please note that you can watch the entire video then follow up with a review for each point, stop the video after each main topic and discuss, or use these questions during the review session starting later in the video.

Discussion Points

Big Mouth Bullying

Can someone please explain to me what Big Mouth Bullying is?

  • Big Mouth Bullying: This kind of bullying happens when someone uses their words to hurt another person. They may do things like teasing someone, calling them names, making fun of them, or even threatening to hurt someone.

When might someone use their words to bully someone else?

  • The bus, classroom, recess, the lunchroom, the hallways etc.

Hands on Bullying

What is Hands on Bullying?

  • Hands on Bullying: when someone uses their hands to hurt someone else. Hitting, kicking, pinching, tripping, and pushing are things that can hurt the people. The person being bullied may walk away with bruises and cuts, but doesn't have to, and often feel scared and embarrassed.

This question is for everyone! Can Hands on Bullying happen with other parts of the body besides someone's hands?

  • Yes!

Very good, can Hands on Bullying happen even if someone is not injured?

  • Yes – there does NOT have to be a cut, bruise or a broken bone, it can be as simple as poking someone when they don't want to be touched. A simple rule to remember is let’s keep our hands to ourselves.

Stay Out Bullying

What does Stay Out Bullying mean?

  • Stay Out Bullying: when someone hurts another person by leaving them out of a group activities. In other words, the bully ignores the other person or embarrasses them on purpose. This can happen by telling them that they are not welcome to be part of the group, which makes them feel left out, or by telling someone that their idea is a bad one. Most of the time, the person who is being bullied feels sad and lonely.

Can you think of an example of Stay Out Bullying?

  • Not letting a friend play a sport at recess, not letting someone sit with you at lunch, not including someone in a group activity in the classroom.
  • How would you feel if someone didn’t let you participate in something others were doing like (include an example from the question above)?

Cyber Bullying

Can anyone tell me what Cyber Bullying is?

  • Cyber Bullying: is bullying that happens over a digital device like cell phones, computers, video games, or tablets. A few examples include texting, apps, online gaming and different social media outlets such as snapchat.


This is an easy way for kids to remember how to stand up and prevent bullying. PAWS also shows what to do if someone is being bullied and how to handle the situation. These different ways to stand up for bullying are intended to be a way to discourage violence and a safe way to get out of a situation where bullying may be present.

P – Practice confidence: Walking around with your head up, smiling at others, talking loudly enough that others can hear you, and speaking clearly are all ways that you can act confident.

A – Always Use Your Voice: If you find yourself being bullied, Always Use Your Voice by telling the bully to STOP. It is plain and simple. Just say STOP. Once you are away from the bully you can use your voice again by finding an adult, like a teacher or parent, and telling them about the bullying. We adults can't help stop the bullying if we don't know that it's happening. So, use your voice.

W – Walk Away: This one is plain and simple. If you find yourself being bullied, just turn around and walk away. Leave. If the bully follows you, keep walking away until you find a large group of friends or, better yet, a teacher or a parent.

S – Stand up for Others: You can stand up for others by doing a few different things. If you see someone being bullied, you can help them by telling the bully to stop. Or, if you see someone being left out of the group, you can ask them to come join your group. One other very important way that you can stand up for others is, if you see someone being bullied, you can tell an adult. Just remember to always stand up for others and be kind to one another.