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Digital Ticketing | MLB Ballpark app FAQs

MLB Ballpark App Ticketing

Head to and download the MLB Ballpark app to enhance and personalize your trip to the ballpark

MLB Ballpark app - Accounting Linking

Do I need an account?
Yes. When you download the MLB Ballpark app, you will need to create or log in with an account. An account is free and easy to create directly from the MLB Ballpark app or any webpage from the top navigation bar.

Is my account the same as my ticket account?
No, but you can link them by following the instructions below. Once your accounts are linked, you can use the different features and functionalities of either MLB Ballpark or My Astros Tickets to manage your tickets.

How do I locate my ticket account?
Your Astros Ticket account is where your Astros tickets are held. You are issued an account number (by mail or email) and typically an email address is associated with that account as well. If you have purchased or managed tickets from My Astros Tickets online, you can access your ticket account via If you are having trouble locating or accessing your ticket account, please contact us
at [email protected] or 1-800-ASTROS-2.

Why do I need to link my ticket account?
Since your account and your ticket account are separate, in order for the app to find your tickets, you will have to identify an associated ticket account to retrieve your tickets in the app. The app will then link that ticket account to an account.

How do I link my ticket account?
Tap the "Link Account" button, then enter the email address tied to your ticket account. We will send an email there to verify you own that email address. Click on the link sent to your email address then your ticketing account will be linked to your account.

What if I don't receive the confirmation email or my ticket account is not found?
Make sure that you entered your email address correctly and that it is the address associated with your ticket account. If you still do not receive your notification or your account is not located, please contact us at

I already linked my ticket account and account. Do I need to link them again?
No. If you have already linked your ticket account and account, the MLB Ballpark app will recognize that link and not ask you to link again. This account linking typically occurs when you buy tickets online or when managing your account in the My Astros Tickets portal.

How do I link multiple accounts?
You can link another ticket account (e.g., for another MLB team) to the same account by following the same process.

How do I unlink a ticket account?
You can unlink any individual ticketing account(s) from your account by navigating to the "Ticket Accounts" section in the Settings of the MLB Ballpark app.

What if the email address associated with my ticketing account is different from the email address associated with my account?
You can link any email address tied to your ticketing account with your account as long as you can receive emails at that address. If you cannot receive email at the address associated with your ticket account, contact us at

I just linked my and ticket accounts. Why aren't my tickets showing up in MLB Ballpark?
First, refresh by pulling down your Wallet to see updated ticket inventory. Then make sure you have linked the ticket account which holds the tickets you expect to see and are looking in the Wallet. The Wallet FAQs below have additional information about locating tickets (including which tickets might not appear within the app). If you are still having trouble finding tickets that you think should be accessible within your MLB Ballpark app, contact us at

MLB Ballpark app - Ticket Wallet

What is the Wallet?
The Wallet lets you quickly access and manage your Astros digital tickets in the MLB Ballpark app. To locate the Wallet, click the Wallet icon on the bottom tab bar of the MLB.Ballpark app in between Buy Tickets and My History.

Can I see all my tickets for all teams within the Wallet, or just one team at a time?

Where can I see more event details about the game?
In the team page accessed via the bottom tab bar, you can find detailed information about that day's event.

How can I upgrade my tickets?
For applicable teams, you can upgrade your tickets by tapping the "Upgrade" button.

What will happen to my tickets if I sell them on StubHub?
Tickets sold on StubHub will disappear from the Wallet once sold.

Can I sell my tickets via MLB.Ballpark app?
No. You cannot re-sell tickets from the MLB Ballpark app.

How is this feature different from MyTickets Mobile?
The MLB Ballpark app has many similar features compared to MyTickets Mobile, but in the convenience of a mobile application. Additional features like forwarding tickets directly to recipients from your device's Address Book make the app simple to use. Some teams may still make MyTickets Mobile available from the app.

What if I cannot find any tickets?
Refresh ticket inventory in the Wallet tab by pulling down.. Then make sure that you have linked the correct ticket account associated with the tickets you are expecting to see (see the Account Linking FAQs above for instructions on linking your accounts). Also check that you are looking for tickets in the correct home team's view of the app. If your Astros tickets were originally forwarded to you by another MLB Ballpark user, the original sender may have cancelled the forward and you should check with the person who sent you the tickets. If you are still having difficulty locating digital tickets that you believe should be appearing in your Ticket Dashboard, contact us at 1-800-ASTROS-2.

Which events and tickets will be displayed?
The MLB Ballpark app displays MLB regular season and Postseason tickets within the team view for each home team. Exhibition, Spring Training, Fan Fests, concerts and other events are displayed for select teams. Tickets that have been forwarded, exchanged, resold via StubHub within MyTickets or donated via MyTickets will not be displayed.

What delivery methods work with MLB Ballpark app (ex. Mail or Will Call)?
No specific delivery method is required to use digital tickets in the MLB Ballpark app. Your eligible tickets will just appear in the app. To use your tickets within the app, simply present your mobile device with your ticket open in MLB Ballpark. Digital tickets must be presented within MLB Ballpark or MyTickets Mobile at the stadium. Fans may be asked to "refresh" their ticket in order to prove that it is from the app. Copies of barcodes presented through third-party applications, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted at the ballpark.

When I retrieve a ticket using the app, will it invalidate existing tickets that were previously printed?
No. If tickets were already printed, then the app will display the existing barcode and either the printed copy or the barcode in the app can be used as a ticket.

MLB Ballpark app - Scan View

What is Scan View?
Scan View is the screen where you can see your ticket including the barcode, event information and other details. Present your mobile device set to Scan View of the applicable ticket for entrance at the stadium.

How do I access the ticket to scan for entry?
Tap on an individual ticket from the Wallet which will present the Scan View. The Section/Row/Seat will be displayed along with access the terms and conditions governing your ticket.

Why is no barcode showing?
Some teams may display their barcode only at a certain time before the event. If this is the case, there will be a message where your barcode normally displays. If this is not the case, your ticket may not be eligible for display and you should contact us at 1-800-ASTROS-2 for assistance.

I just forwarded a ticket via the MLB Ballpark app. Why do I still see it?
Your ticket, without the barcode, will remain in your Ticket Dashboard until your forward is accepted by the recipient. If you wish to cancel the forward, you can do that directly from the ticket.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?
No, screenshots of tickets will not be accepted. Digital tickets must be presented within MLB Ballpark or MyTickets Mobile at the stadium. Fans may be asked to "refresh" their ticket in order to prove that it is from the app. Copies of barcodes presented through third-party applications, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted at the stadium.

Is Apple Wallet supported?
Yes. You can add a ticket to Apple Wallet via the Scan View.

What if I cannot see my tickets?
If you have your correct ticket account linked and are in the correct home team view in the Wallet and are still not able to see your tickets, please go to Ticket Services on a game day or contact us at 1-800-ASTROS-2 for assistance.

Why won't my ticket barcode scan?
If your screen brightness is too low, the barcode may have difficulty being scanned. The MLB Ballpark app will automatically attempt to increase the brightness of your display or you can do so manually by following the instructions for your device. The barcode that is displayed is accompanied by a number. If there are difficulties reading a valid barcode on a digital ticket displayed within MLB Ballpark or MyTickets, the ticket taker can manually enter the barcode number into the scanning device to validate your ticket. Only digital tickets generated from the MLB Ballpark app and MyTickets Mobile will accepted. Copies of barcodes presented through third-party applications, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted at the stadium.

What if I lose connectivity after I've retrieved my tickets?
The data associated with your tickets will be saved to a storage area on your phone. If you have previously retrieved details for tickets to a game and those tickets are still valid, then they can be re-displayed out of this storage without re-establishing a connection. Since connectivity may be intermittent at the ballpark, we encourage you to download your tickets to your supported device before heading to the game.

If I access my tickets from the MLB Ballpark app, can I still have them printed at a kiosk or will call window?
Since tickets retrieved within MLB Ballpark will now be considered printed, the tickets will not be available for pickup at a kiosk. You should present the ticket displayed in MLB. Ballpark for entry at the gate. If you are unable to access your ticket, go to the Box Office for assistance on game day. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-ASTROS-2.

MLB Ballpark app - Ticket Forwarding

What is Ticket Forwarding?
The MLB Ballpark app provides an easy way to forward tickets to friends, colleagues and account partners. Questions about linking accounts or accessing your tickets can be answered above.

How do I forward a ticket?
Select the ticket you wish to forward. You can then choose to "Forward Ticket" or "Forward Ticket via Link". Selecting "Forward Ticket" allows you to enter an email address or choose from your Address Book by tapping the plus button. You can then add the recipient's name (optional) and a message (optional) before tapping "Send" to complete the forward. If you wish to send by another method, you can tap "Forward Ticket via Link" which will provide you a unique link to share.

How does "Forward Ticket via Link" work?
A unique link, which holds the key to your ticket, will be generated and you can distribute it as you like. Please only share this link with one person to whom you are forwarding your ticket. If you share the link with multiple recipients, whomever clicks that link and completes the forward accept process first will get that ticket. Please treat this link as a ticket!

What if I accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address?
See "Can I cancel a ticket forward?" below for instructions on cancelling the ticket forward. You can then resend the ticket to the correct email address.

How will my recipient know I forwarded tickets?
If you selected "Forward Ticket," both you (as the sender) and the Recipient will receive an email confirming the action. The recipient will have a unique link in the email to accept the ticket. If you selected "Forward Ticket via Link," then the recipient will receive the notification by whatever method you selected for delivering the link.

How do I accept a ticket forward?
You must click "Accept" from the email invitation you received. If you do not already have the MLB Ballpark app on your iOS or Android device, you will be prompted to download it.

I do not have an iOS or Android device. Can I still accept a ticket forward?
Yes, you can accept and receive your tickets in a standard web browser. You can then manage and access their tickets via the team's Ticket Management web portal.

What if the email address where I received the ticket forward is not the same as the email address associated with my account?
The email address at which you received your tickets does not need to match the email address associated with your account. You can load accepted tickets into any account by logging into the MLB Ballpark app with your desired account.

Can I reject a ticket forward?
Yes, just click, "I do not want to accept this ticket" on the Ticket Accept webpage. This webpage is accessible only from the ticket forward email sent to the recipient.

Can I re-send a ticket forward after accepting it?
Yes, a ticket can be forwarded to a new recipient from the MLB Ballpark app after it has been accepted by the original recipient.

Can I cancel a Astros ticket forward?
Yes, the sender can cancel a ticket forward for Astros' home games any time before the barcode has been scanned. This can be accomplished from the Wallet by selecting an individual ticket and tapping "Cancel" or by navigating to the Ticket Forward section of the Wallet. Select the specific Forward then tap "Cancel". The recipient of the ticket you forwarded will be notified. If the ticket is forwarded again and the original sender cancels the forward, the second recipient will be notified and the ticket will disappear from their Wallet and/or My Tickets account.

Can I cancel a Astros ticket forward after it has been accepted?
Yes, the original ticket sender can cancel a ticket forward for a Astros home game even after it has been accepted. The sender and recipient will be notified by email of this action and the ticket will disappear from the recipient's (or anyone they forwarded it to) Wallet and/or My Tickets account. However, once the ticket has been scanned for entry, the forward cannot be canceled.

Can I cancel a Astros ticket forward after it has been accepted and re-sent?
Yes, the original ticket sender can cancel the forward for a ticket to a Astros home game regardless of how many times it has been re-forwarded as long as it has not been scanned for entry yet. The sender and original recipient will be notified by email of this action, and the ticket will disappear from the Wallet and/or My Tickets account of whomever the ticket had last been forwarded to.

Can I transfer multiple Astros tickets to a single account?
Yes. Tickets can be forwarded all together from the same event or one ticket at a time.

Where can I find the status of all Astros Ticket Forwards?
You can navigate to the Ticket Forward section of the Wallet. There you will find all received and sent ticket forwards for that home team.

What if I never received the Ticket Forward email?
If you are expecting to receive a ticket forward but were never notified by email, contact the sender. The sender can cancel the current Ticket Forward then re-send to you by email or share the ticket via Link. If you or the sender are still having difficulties, contact us at 1-800-ASTROS-2.