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The most flexible membership program in sports

All A's Access memberships receive entry to every game, 50% off concessions, 25% off merchandise, free ticket exchanges, and new ballpark priority. The only catch is on the field.

Build your simple and flexible plan

A's Access is the first program of its kind, allowing fans to tailor the experience they want every, and any, time they come to the ballpark. Members will receive general admission access to the entire ballpark for every regular season home game, a flex or set seat ticket plan, 50 percent off concessions, $10 prepaid parking, and 25 percent off merchandise. 

What Membership Means


Your discount will not be on your tickets. In order to take advantage of your discounted concessions and merchandise benefit you will need to present your A's Access Credential from the MLB Ballpark app.

To purchase your $10 Pre-Paid Parking Passes and 25% off discount for individual game tickets go to your My A's Tickets account. You will find your discount benefits under the Special Offers tab.

To get access to every single game you will need to bring your A's Access Credential that lives in the MLB Ballpark app.

Stacking tickets is a term that means exchanging tickets from one game to another that you already have tickets for. For example, if you have two seats for one game, but want to exchange tickets from another to get four seats for that game, that's stacking. You are limited to stacking 2x the number of seats in your plan. Flexible seat plans (10 & 24 Game Plans) are not able to stack their tickets.

You can purchase the A's Access parking passes in your My A's Tickets account under the Special Offers tab. Click here to watch our tutorial video on How to purchase a parking pass. Parking Passes will need to be purchased in advance.