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Game Packs | 6 Game Packs

Pick between 6 and 11 games during the 2019 regular season: up to 2 games from the A category; the remainder from the B, C, and/or D categories

  • Ability to choose a different seating category for each game within a pack, subject to availability
  • MyBlueJays™ Membership
  • 2018 6 Game Pack purchasers saved an estimated 13%+

+On average, 2018 6 Game Pack purchasers would have saved an estimated 13% by purchasing their tickets as part of a 6 Game Pack rather than as single game tickets on the day each game was played when ticket prices were subject to dynamic pricing and higher service fees.

Commercial resellers are not permitted to purchase 2019 game packs and should not attempt to do so. The Toronto Blue Jays reserve the right to cancel purchases made in contravention of the foregoing and, in such situation, will refund any payments made via the original payment method.