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SunTrust Park Preview Center Opens

The Atlanta Braves announced that they have begun to sell season tickets to SunTrust Park at their newly opened SunTrust Park Preview Center.

"We want our fans to be immersed in the experience of SunTrust Park," said Derek Schiller, executive vice president of sales and marketing for the Atlanta Braves. "That starts by locating our preview center adjacent to the construction site, where fans can watch the park come to life in real time. They will then have the ability to 'step inside' SunTrust Park, through our Virtual Venue application, where they can experience the unmatched views from their future seats and the level of service and amenities that A List Members will expect at SunTrust Park."

The high tech SunTrust Park Preview Center overlooks the SunTrust Park and adjacent mixed-use community construction site and gives A List Members an immersive experience through a blend of advanced technology and actual ballpark amenities. Outfitted with meeting rooms named after Braves legends, A List Members and other visitors will experience flythrough videos of the mixed-use community, the exterior of SunTrust Park as well as key amenity areas within the ballpark. Visitors will also be able to physically sit in various types of seating configurations and get a feel for the scope of the project by seeing a detailed scaled model of SunTrust Park and the mixed-use community. Visits to the SunTrust Park Preview Center are by appointment only, but the exterior flythrough video and new additional ballpark renderings are now available for viewing at

To be able to offer A List Members the best possible seats, all current accounts have been assigned an appointment window. Each window will have a two-week appointment time period to meet with the Braves Membership Services Team at the SunTrust Park Preview Center to discuss the specific needs of each current A List Member and the available options at SunTrust Park.

The A List is comprised of current Braves season ticket holders. Non-A List Members interested in having the first chance at securing tickets at SunTrust Park should purchase pro-rated 2015 season tickets. They can also join the SunTrust Park Priority List for a $100 refundable deposit by visiting and go to the "tickets" tab.

SunTrust Park will have a wide variety of seating options that will cater to all types of fans. A List Members will have a number of choices on either non-premium seats that range from $6-$90, or premium seating that range from $85 - $475. More than 19,000 seats - nearly half of the ballpark - will be priced under $20 per seat, with more than 7,000 seats at less than $10. Almost 6,000 seats will have added value built into the ticket - including food and beverage credits and special area access - starting at $40 per ticket. The average ticket price for A List Members at SunTrust Park will be $28, just under the Major League average of $29.

"Much of the feedback we've received from fans in recent years revolved around the lack of seating and amenity options available at Turner Field. We believe it is important to offer a variety of experiences for every type of fan, which we have accomplished by increasing the amount of value-add offerings and premium options," said Schiller. "That being said, the Braves are confident that our games will remain affordable and accessible for all our fans." 

SunTrust Park is being developed by the Braves in partnership with Cobb County, the Cobb-Marietta Coliseum and Exhibit Hall Authority and the Cumberland CID, and will be completed by Opening Day 2017. Located in Atlanta at the intersection of I-75 and I-285 in the bustling Cumberland CID, SunTrust Park will flow directly into the surrounding development, creating a vibrant atmosphere with unique shops, restaurants, offices, residences and entertainment venues that are accessible 365 days a year.

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