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2021 A-List Postseason Information

Single Game Tickets

A-List Members have access to 2021 Postseason single game tickets and parking passes for the National League Championship Series.

Be sure to select the link below to access your Atlanta Braves Online Account Manager and log in with the email address associated with your A-List Membership at your scheduled presale time. You will see a button for Postgame single game purchases on the home screen.

Please note that game dates and start times are TBD.

Postseason Strips

All A-List Members have the opportunity to purchase Postseason strips. A Postseason Strip includes a ticket to all (potential of 12 games) Postseason home games played at Truist Park.

The deadline to claim your Postseason Strips is September 22, 2021. You must sign up on a payment plan or pay in full via your online account manager to secure your Postseason strips.

If you are an A-List Premium Member please visit or call your account representative directly.

Are you enrolled in the Green Light Renewal Program for the 2022 season?

Yes, I am enrolled

You can take part in our "Cheer Now, Pay Later" Program. Opting-in to "Cheer Now, Pay Later" commits you to all Postseason games and allows you to pay for these tickets after the games have been played. You must be signed up and compliant for the Green Light Renewal for the 2022 season to utilize this payment plan option.

Here's How it Works
  • Tickets will be in your online account no later than 72 hours before the series starts
  • At the end of each series your credit card on file will be charged the next business day for all home games played in that series. Please note, this applies to all tickets in your account whether they are used or not.

*Note that all 27-Game partial plans, 300-level full season, and 400-level full season Members will be charged for their World Series tickets before the series begins if and when the Braves advance past the NLCS.

No, I am not enrolled

You will have a chance to purchase your Postseason Strips through our special Postseason payment plan. Your payments will be set up on a plan of 40% due of the total invoice amount at the time of sign-up and the remaining 60% will be charged if the Braves advance past the NLDS. Please note, you are committing to all potential Postseason games by signing up for this payment plan.

If you would like to opt-in to the Green Light Renewal Program and take part in the Cheer Now, Pay Later option, please contact your representative.

To see your Postseason strip invoice, claim your strips, and add on additional Postseason strips, please log into your Braves online account manager. To view your invoice and sign up on a payment plan or pay in full, click the “Invoice” tab at the top of the page,

Strip Pricing

Full Season Member Strip Pricing
Seating Area Pricing
Dugout Infield $2,940
Diamond Infield $2,600
Dugout Reserved $2,420
Diamond Reserved $2,100
Terrace Infield $2,020
Dugout Corner $1,980
Chop House Seats $1,940
Terrace Reserved $1,720
Diamond Corner $1,560
Home Run Porch $1,560
Terrace Corner $1,400
Vista Infield $1,340
Grandstand Infield $1,160
Vista Reserved $1,080
Grandstand Reserved $920
Vista Corner $880
Grandstand Corner $780
Partial Plan Member Strip Pricing
Seating Area Pricing
Diamond Reserved $2,220
Terrace Reserved $1,860
Diamond Corner $1,700
Home Run Porch $1,700
Terrace Corner $1,520
Grandstand Infield $1,280
Vista Reserved $1,200
Vista Corner $1,000

A-List Members will have a presale for single game Postseason tickets once the strip deadline has passed. Please note that single game tickets for Postseason games are subject to availability and not guaranteed. The only way to guarantee tickets to Postseason games is to purchase your Postseason ticket strip.

Tickets purchased for the purpose of being resold are subject to cancellation and refund by the Atlanta Braves.

Postseason Parking

Due to extremely limited inventory, Members who purchase parking are limited to one parking strip for the Postseason regardless of the number of season parking passes you have for the 2021 regular season or the number of Postseason strips in your account.

Full Season Members with a 2021 season parking pass in lot 29 or the Red Deck will automatically be invoiced for a parking strip in their respective lot. Full Season Members in any other parking location (Lot 9, Lot 11, Lot 25, Lot 31, Lot 32, Lot 41, Lot 42, Lot 43) or 27-Game Members within ANY parking location will need to add a parking strip to their invoice.

More Information:
  • Very limited Postseason parking strips are available to customers who do not have a parking pass shown on their invoice. Please note you must have Postseason ticket strips in order to purchase parking.
  • Due to the unknown times of our Postseason games, we cannot automatically include parking strips for all parking locations.
  • A-List Members with Postseason tickets will have a presale before the general public to purchase single game parking when game times are released.


Where can I go to see my 2021 Postseason Strip Invoice?

Log onto to view your Postseason invoice, sign up for your Postseason strips, and add additional strips. To view your invoice, click the “Invoice” tab at the top of the Account Manager page.

What are my payment options for obtaining my Postseason strip?

If you are signed up for the Green Light Renewal Program for the 2022 season, you can take part in “Cheer Now, Pay Later.” This allows you to pay for each series after the games have been played. Please note, all Partial Plan Members, and 300 and 400 level Full Season Members will be charged for their World Series tickets before the series begins if and when the Braves advance past the NLCS.

When is the deadline for Postseason ticket strips?

September 22. All Postseason strips not signed up on a payment plan or paid in full by the deadline will be dropped from your account. To secure your Postseason strips, you must take action before the September 22 deadline.

What is included in a Postseason ticket strip?

All potential Postseason games (maximum of 12 games) played at Truist Park are included in a ticket strip. By purchasing Postseason strips, you are committing to all games played at Truist Park.

Am I guaranteed my same seats for Postseason?

Most Full Season Members will have access to their same seats. 27-Game Partial Plan Members will be placed in seats within their season price point but exact sections and sides of the ballpark may vary due to extremely limited inventory.

Can I buy additional Postseason strips?

Yes, you can add up to 4 additional Postseason Strips. Limited seating locations will be available for additional strip purchases. Full Season Members can add seats in Terrace Reserved, Homerun Porch, Grandstand Infield, Grandstand Reserved, and Grandstand Corner. 27 game partial plan Members can add seats in Homerun Porch, Grandstand Infield, Grandstand Reserved, and Grandstand Corner.

I don’t want the whole Postseason ticket strip. Can I purchase individual Postseason games instead?

Members are strongly advised to purchase a ticket strip if they would like Postseason tickets. Ticketing availability, especially for later rounds and World Series, is extremely limited and subject to availability. The Braves will give our Members a presale for individual game tickets if there are tickets available.

What happens to the money I paid towards games that are not played?

If you are on “Cheer Now, Pay Later”, you will only be charged for games that are played*. If you pay in full or in advance of a series, the credit will be applied towards your 2022 invoices. Refunds can be given upon request for games that are not played.

*If you sit in the upper level (300 or 400 level), or you are a partial season Member, you will be charged in advance for the World Series.

Ticket Partners

As an official partner of an A-List Member, you get access to an exclusive pre-sale for Postseason strip and parking access. By securing Postseason strips, you are guaranteed the same seats for all potential games at Truist Park (maximum of 12 games). Please click the links below to purchase ticket strips and parking:


You have the Braves' guarantee that if any of the games for which you have tickets and/or a hospitality space at Truist Park (e.g. through A-List memberships, groups, ticket packages, etc.) are cancelled or have restricted capacity due to COVID-19, you have our promise that the value of the impacted game(s) will either be (a) credited to your Braves account (which can be used for the rescheduled ticket package date(s) or for future purchases) or (b) refunded in the same manner that the tickets were obtained.

The terms and conditions of your ticket and policies applicable to use are updated to address COVID-19, and health & safety. By purchasing a Braves ticket, you accept these Terms and Conditions and policies applicable to use.