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Pre-game tailgate spaces are available at Petco Park. Located in the Tailgate lot conveniently located near Petco Park, this area is ideal for a small BBQ or an extravagant event of several thousand guests, we can accommodate any size group.

Tailgating Details

Guests may tailgate at Tailgate Park on a limited basis. Guests are required to park in spaces as directed by ACE Parking upon arriving to Tailgate Park. Guests may not reserve additional spaces and must tailgate directly behind their vehicle. Tailgating is not permitted in any other garage or lot.

Alcohol Consumption
All alcohol consumption must be discontinued 30 minutes following the scheduled start time of the event. No glass bottles or containers are allowed on the premises. No kegs are permitted. Patrons are prohibited from exiting the facility with any type of alcoholic beverage.

Prohibited Solicitation
The solicitation, peddling, hawking, selling or vending of any goods, magazines, services, merchandise, subscriptions, etc. will be prohibited. The distribution of any coupons, tickets, pamphlets, fliers or certificates for any goods, magazines, services, merchandise, subscriptions, etc. will be prohibited.

Prohibited Parking Lot Activities
Discharging, launching or throwing of any balls, Frisbees, toys, etc., the riding of bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, etc. are frequently hazardous activities and can become a nuisance to other patrons. No amplified sound systems are permitted.

Tailgating Activities
In the facility, no tailgating will be allowed in adjacent stalls. Due to the sequential parking by rows in the facility, patrons wishing to tailgate may do so, in the area directly behind their vehicle, provided that their tailgating does not interrupt the flow of traffic. Only gas cooking grills are allowed on the premises. No charcoal.

For general questions on parking please contact us at 619.795.5555.

Tailgate Parties can be reserved for groups that have purchased tickets for specific games. Please note that spaces are to be used to accommodate your tailgate function only, not for parking vehicles. A minimum of 10 spaces are needed for a reservation and a maximum of 50 spaces are available for each game. Each space can accommodate approximately 8 to 10 people. To ensure availability, please reserve your space a minimum of 30 days in advance of your group event by contacting Group Sales at 619.795.5010. All catering and set-up is the responsibility of the group and no kegs, glass bottles or charcoal grills of any kind are permitted.