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Compadres Fan Rewards FAQs

Compadres Centers are located near Sections 109 and 135. Compadres Centers are open during all Padres home games from the time gates open through the 7th inning.

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What is Compadres Fan Rewards?
Compadres Fan Rewards is the official fan loyalty program of the San Diego Padres where you get rewarded for the things you already do as a fan. Including: purchasing tickets, attending games, loading E-cash to purchase concessions and merchandise and connecting with the Padres. Points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and experiences through the Compadres Fan Rewards portal. To sign up, manage account and learn more about the program visit

Who is eligible to be part of the Compadres Fan Rewards program? 
All fans are eligible to join the Compadres Fan Rewards program. Season Ticket Members are automatically enrolled in the Compadres Fan Rewards program. Fan loyalty affords Members access to exclusive benefits through the program based on Membership level and tenure.

Is there a cost to join? 
No, Compadres Fan Rewards is free for all Padres fans.

Where can I read the program terms and conditions? 
The complete program terms and conditions are available here 

Do I need a computer or mobile device to participate? 
Yes. A device with internet access is needed for account login, managing points and completing certain activities. Compadres Fan Rewards participants can manage their accounts through an internet browser via the Compadres portal. To access the mobile portal within the Ballpark app, fans will need an iPhone or Android smartphone device.

Take Compadres Fan Rewards mobile to enhance the in game experience and earn more points. Ballpark app is the official Petco Park mobile application, available for iPhone and Android smartphones, that complements and personalizes your trip to Petco Park with mobile ticketing, cashless payments, check-in, offers, promotions, seat upgrades, express feedback, exclusive content, access to the Compadres Fan Rewards portal and more. Visit to download the Ballpark application. 

Where can I learn more about Compadres Fan Rewards?
To learn more about the program, visit


What are points? 
Points are earned for completing official activities. Padres Season Ticket Members receive exclusive Membership plan, tenure and spend bonus points. Use points to purchase items in the Rewards Marketplace and bid on exclusive experiences and items in My Auctions. Points expire each year on December 31. Membership bonus points will be awarded on January 1 of each year. 

How can I earn points? 
You will earn points for official activities. To preview the full list of rewarded activities, visit Your point balance and transaction history can be found on your account within the Compadres Fan Rewards portal. 

Membership, Tenure and Spend: Fans who purchase a Padres Season Ticket Membership will receive exclusive bonus points each year. Bonus points are awarded annually based on Membership plan (Platinum, Gold, Blue, Flex), tenure and spend. 

Purchases: Earn points for making single game ticket purchases. In addition, Compadres will earn points for loading E-cash and making concession and merchandise purchases with E-cash. Members receive 10% cash back automatically when loading E-cash and non-Members receive 5% cash back automatically. Please note, the points earned from a purchase may take up to 24 hours to post to the corresponding Compadres account.

Designated Activities: There are a variety of designated activities that allow you to continuously earn points all year long. 

Visit for the most updated list of activity points. 

Can I purchase points? 
Unfortunately, points do not have a monetary value and cannot be purchased. The only way to accumulate points is to earn them through designated activities. 

Will points expire? 
Yes, points expire on December 31 of each year. 

I believe there was an error in my points calculation, what should I do? 
If you are a Padres Season Ticket Member, contact your Membership Services Representative directly or email If you are not a Member, contact the Compadres Fan Rewards team at and we will work to quickly address the problem.

What can I do with my points? 
Points may be redeemed for two different types of rewards: (1) Marketplace items and experiences and 2) Auction prizes. Use points to bid on Auctions and purchase Marketplace items and experiences. 

What items and experiences are available through the Marketplace and Auctions? 
New items are added weekly to the Compadres Fan Rewards portal. Exclusive Padres Season Ticket Membership events are added the first Tuesday of each month. 

Marketplace: the Marketplace features special Padres promotional items, exclusive experiences and exclusive items only available through the program.

Auction: Auction prizes include once-in-a-lifetime, money-can't-buy experiences and autographed memorabilia. 

How many points can I bid on an auction? 
Total points are the initial balance of available points to use for Auctions. Upon winning an Auction, those points will be deducted from your total points balance. View your available points within each Auction listing ("Total Points Available to Bid"), next to the bid entry box.

Can I win an auction multiple times? 
Compadres Fan Rewards participants may not bid on experiences that you have already won. This allows as many unique Compadres Fan Rewards participants as possible to enjoy each experience.

Do I lose points used to bid if I don't win an Auction? 
No, points are only deducted from the winner of the Auction.


What is E-cash? 
E-cash is the official currency at Petco Park allowing a fast, easy and rewarding way to purchase concessions and merchandise at Petco Park. All Compadres Fan Rewards participants are eligible to use E-cash. Load E-cash by logging into the Compadres Fan Rewards portal on your desktop or smartphone and select a credit card and amount to load as E-cash. Members receive 10% cash back automatically when loading E-cash and non-Members receive 5% cash back automatically. By signing up for auto-reload, Season Ticket Members will earn a $25 bonus the first time your account reloads. Earn points purchasing concessions and merchandise at Petco Park with E-cash.

Where can I use E-cash? 
E-cash may be spent at all concession and merchandise locations at Petco Park. E-cash is not available for purchases through in seat ordering or in premium spaces. 
How do I load funds to my card to receive cash back automatically? 
Through the online or mobile portal, there is a section called "E-cash" that allows you to load funds to your Membership or Compadres card via any credit or debit card. You can also select auto-reload to conveniently ensure you always have funds on your card. 

What is auto-reload? 
Auto-reload automatically adds funds to your Membership or Compadres card whenever it dips below a certain level you determine, for the most convenient experience possible. The values are fully customizable.

Can I use E-cash at non-baseball events? 
E-cash can be used during most non-baseball events.

Is there a minimum or maximum E-cash balance? 

Will my E-cash be available after the end of the season? 
E-cash will be stored on your account and the value will not expire.

What are the Padres doing to protect my credit card information? 
Credit card information is not stored on the Compadres Fan Rewards portal. We use a credible PCI compliant payment gateway (Sage) to ensure that information is secure. All prompts to enter payment information are being redirected to Sage.

How do I correct an erroneous charge made to my E-cash balance? 
A concessions employee will have the ability to refund any incorrect charges. If a possible erroneous charge is discovered after the game, Padres Season Ticket Member can contact your Membership Services Representative directly or email If you are not a Member, contact the Compadres Fan Rewards team at and we will work to quickly address the problem.


What is the Ballpark application? Ballpark complements and personalizes your experience at Petco Park with digital access, check-in, instant fan feedback, offers, promotions, exclusive content, seat upgrades and access to the mobile Compadres Fan Rewards portal and more. You earn points for attending games, purchasing concessions and merchandise with E-cash, inviting partners and engaging with the Padres.

How does the mobile application enhance my experience? 
The Ballpark application will house a digital Compadres barcode card. There will be one barcode in the application that will store tickets, E-cash value and rewards points all in one place.

Can everyone use mobile? 
Yes, as long as you download the Ballpark application (iPhone or Android) and link your Compadres Fan Rewards account you can utilize your phone to access your account. 

How do I use mobile? 
Using the mobile technology is a very easy and convenient process. Download Ballpark on your iPhone or Android device and login with the same email address and password that you use for your Compadres Fan Rewards account.

Why would I use mobile? 
The Padres made a significant investment in mobile technology to improve fan experience at Petco Park. In addition to tickets, E-cash and rewards, we continue to launch new enhancements within Ballpark to improve the fan experience. 


If I have a question or support issue what should I do? 
Padres Season Ticket Member, contact your Membership Services Representative directly or email If you are not a Member, contact the Compadres Fan Rewards team at and we will work to quickly address the problem. Please allow up to two business days for a response to your question. 

I have completed the activities, but I did not earn points right away. Why is that? 
Sometimes there is a delay in points showing up on your account. Points can take longer than 24 hours to appear. Compadres Fan Rewards participants can verify that the activity has been counted in the Activity section.

In the event points should have been awarded and are not showing up, please contact us and provide as many details as possible about the activity that was not awarded and we will work to locate any issues and award points if applicable. If a purchase (if applicable) was not rewarded please email us the purchase date, receipt number, items purchased and amount paid.