The San Diego Madres

The San Diego Madres is an organization of women and men who love baseball and their community

The mission of the San Diego Madres is to provide all children in San Diego County with the opportunity to play baseball and softball by providing financial assistance to deserving leagues.

The San Diego Madres Support Youth Baseball and Softball

The Madres community support has grown substantially since its inception in 1972. In its inaugural year the Madres supported just a few teams. Today the Madres provide annual support to more than 50 leagues representing hundreds of teams including supporting teams with players with special needs.

The San Diego Madres Support the San Diego Padres

A big part of the Madres' focus is volunteering time to the Padres Foundation, Padres Volunteer Team and affiliated non-profits, providing more than 1,500 volunteer hours each year. The Madres also enjoy cheering on the Padres at home and on the road.

Some of the fun things we do include:

  • Monthly luncheons during the baseball season with guests representing the Padres and their broadcast partners
  • Frequent dinners to get to know each other and talk baseball
  • Annual trips to Spring Training and local minor league affiliates
  • Trips to watch the Padres play on the road
  • Special events, such as luaus, and harbor cruises

To contact the San Diego Madres email [email protected]

The Madres are a charitable not-for-profit organization organized for the public benefit. Donations are tax deductible according to the full extent of the law. Each individual should check with his or her financial advisor for deductibility.

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