Bark at the Park

Presented by Petco

Bark at the Park, presented by Petco, gives you the chance to enjoy a Padres game from Gallagher Square with your favorite canine! There are four opportunities in 2023 to bring your pet to Petco Park, plus get a special dog toy or treat.

  • Monday, April 3 vs. D-backs - Waste Bag Dispenser - SOLD OUT!

  • Tuesday, May 16 vs. Royals - Reddy Sage Twist Tug Dog Toy - SOLD OUT!

  • Tuesday June 6 vs. Mariners - Petco Towel - SOLD OUT!

  • Thursday, August 17 vs. D-backs - WholeHearted Animal Cracker Treats - SOLD OUT!

Please read the information below to ensure your pet is a great fit!

Bark at the Park Ticket Information

This Theme Game package gives you the chance to enjoy a Padres game from Gallagher Square with your favorite canine and includes a special dog toy or treat as well as the opportunity to take your dog on the outfield warning track pregame.

All attendees much purchase both dog and human tickets through this offer. Fans with two or more dogs must have an additional adult "owner" accompanying the additional dog. Tickets purchased outside this offer will not be accepted (e.g., standard game tickets, Member tickets or those purchased from a 3rd party resale site).

Padres Season Ticket Member? If you already have this game as part of your Membership, please exchange out of this game and purchase your Bark at the Park Human and Dog ticket(s).

Proof of dog vaccination must be presented upon entry.

Required Vaccinations and Important Details

  • All dogs should be current on the following vaccinations, with them being administered at least 2 weeks in advance of the game:
    • Rabies
    • DAPPv
    • Bordetella (administered within previous 6 months)
  • All dogs should be on flea and tick prevention and show no signs of an infestation
  • All dogs must be well socialized to decrease the risk of a scuffle
    • Dogs that show reactivity to people, children or other dogs will not be allowed to attend
  • All dogs must have a collar/harness with a current ID tag
  • No flexi-leads or any leash longer than 6’ are allowed
  • No pinch or choke collars are allowed
  • All collars/harnesses must be properly fitted to prevent escape
  • Only 1 pet per pet parent

We recommend you contact your veterinarian regarding other vaccinations that may suit your dog’s needs. All dogs must be leashed (no retractable leashes) and licensed. The Padres reserve the right to deny any dog or human entrance to Petco Park to the Bark at the Park event for any reason they may see fit. Participants are expected to practice responsible pet ownership. Please come prepared to clean up after your dog.

Is your dog right for Bark at the Park?

Yes! If your dog:

  • Is old enough to be around other dogs and people (at least 6 months of age)
  • Is up to date on all required vaccinations
  • Is in relatively good health
  • Does well on-leash and is not overly aggressive toward other dogs
  • Is friendly toward humans and not excessively fearful of loud noises (there are fireworks)
  • Is a Padres fan!

Probably not, if your dog:

  • Is still too young to mix with a big crowd (under 6 months)
  • Is a senior dog that would have trouble walking and being outside for an extended period of time
  • Has aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or humans
  • Is a female dog in season
  • Doesn’t like loud noises or fireworks
  • Is exhibiting any signs of illness close to the day of the game (ie, cough, nasal discharge, lethargy, diarrhea, etc). These symptoms can be signs of potentially infectious illnesses and it would probably be best for your dog as well as the other dogs in attendance, if they did not attend.


In order to purchase Bark at the Park tickets, you must first read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Release and Waiver set forth below.



In consideration of the right to participate for me and any accompanying minor children and/or dogs being permitted to participate in “Bark at the Park at Petco Park” (the “Event”), I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I agree to abide by all instructions and rules related to participation in the Event, including the decision of any Petco Park representative regarding my ability or the ability of my dog(s) to participate in the Event safely. I further agree that any Petco Park representative may authorize reasonably necessary treatment for me and/or my dog(s).
  2. I represent that any accompanying dogs are in good health and have current rabies, DAPPv, and Bordetella vaccinations. I agree to present proof of vaccination upon entry into the Event.
  3. I assume any and all the risks associated with my voluntary participation in the Event including, but not limited to, risk of or associated with injury and property damage to myself or others, including injury to dogs, illness, falls, contact with spectators at the Event, injuries or damages sustained by and through other participant dogs, the effects of the weather including extreme temperature and humidity, the condition of the premises at Petco Park, including all sidewalks and parking lots, including the possibility of death of myself or my dog and it is understood and agreed that all such risks are appreciated by me. I hereby confirm that my dog has never attacked a human or animal and take full responsibility for its actions at all times.
  4. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators or anyone acting on my behalf, waive, release, covenant not to sue and fully indemnify and hold harmless and discharge Padres, Padres GP LLC, San Diego Ballpark Funding, LLC, Petco Animal Supplies Stores Inc., the City of San Diego, the Public Facilities Financing Authority and their respective affiliates, predecessors and successors, owners, agents, partners, officials, directors, employees and representatives, any sponsor of the Event, suppliers, agents and independent contractors or other personnel in any way assisting or connected with the Event from any and all claims, demands or causes of action of any kind arising out of my participation in the Event, resulting from any cause whatsoever.
  5. I hereby expressly grant to Padres and to any third party it may authorize, and to its and their employees, agents, and assigns, the right to photograph me and the right to use my name, photograph, likeness, picture, silhouette and other reproductions of my physical likeness in any manner including, without limitation, in connection with promotion and advertising material.
  6. *I have read the above and fully understand it and with my acceptance, I consent to the above. I am of legal age and have read the foregoing and fully understand the contents thereof. *

By clicking the “I Accept” button below, I acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Release and Waiver set forth above.