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Red Sox Kid Nation FAQs

Q: What is Kid Nation?

A: Kid Nation offers our youngest fans the opportunity to experience baseball and Fenway Park in a more meaningful way. Kid Nation members who come to Fenway Park are rewarded with exclusive prizes and benefits. There are two different tiers for Kid Nation, a Rookie (free) and All-Star (paid) membership. Each offers different benefits for its members, such as prizes, autographed items, merchandize, discounts, and more.

Q: How do I sign up for Kid Nation?

A: You can sign up your child by visiting and clicking on the registration button. This will prompt you for your login information or to create a new account. Follow the instructions to your official membership! Please note, guardians of Kid Nation members must be 18+.

You can also sign up at Fenway Park on game days by visiting the Kid Nation booth located at Gate B an hour and half before first pitch through the 6th inning.

Q: Where is Kid Nation located in Fenway?

A: We have a booth set up in the Kids Concourse near Gate B/K, which opens up 90 minutes before first pitch. Look for the Kid Nation signs and employees in green polos. Don't forget to visit the Kid Nation booth at your first game for an exclusive 2020 Kid Nation pin (one per member).

Q: What is the difference between the 'Free' and 'All-Star' Kid Nation memberships?

lanyard, subscription to the Kid Nation newsletter, discounts at the Red Sox Team Store and the ability to earn points that can be redeemed online for exclusive rewards. Every Rookie and All-Star member receives a free ticket with the purchase of one adult ticket included in their memberships. The paid All-Star package includes everything from the Rookie membership plus more! There are three different kits: Kit A) Included in this membership is an exclusive Kid Nation Sports backpack, Franklin Sports Memory foam Baseball, authentic Franklin Sports Glove, lanyard, and membership card. Kit B & C) All-Star Kit B Included in this membership is an exclusive Kid Nation Franklin Sports backpack, Franklin sports baseball, authentic Franklin Sports Glove, lanyard, and membership card. Paid memberships also include the opportunity to take part in early entry to watch batting practice and makes the member eligible for discounts, and access to Kid Nation special events and exclusive marketplace items.

Q: How does the Kid Nation membership card program work?

A: Our Kid Nation card program is a feature included in all Kid Nation memberships. Points are earned over the course of the season that can be redeemed for raffles and marketplace items online via the Kid Nation membership portal. Prizes will include exclusive items, memorabilia, and experiences. The more points you earn, the better chance you have to get cool prizes. Points are cumulative over the course of the season and non-transferable. Terms, conditions, and rules apply; see our Official Rules for more information. Make sure to bring your card with you to all games and scan it at our Kid Nation kiosks throughout the ballpark during Red Sox games this season.

Q: How do I earn points?

A: Points can be earned in several ways:

  • Checking in at the Fenway Park- Members can scan their cards during home games at Kid Nation kiosks located around the park.
  • Participating in the Red Sox VR activities located in the Kids Concourse during a home game.
  • Taking a photo with Wally or Tessie at Fenway.
  • Watching and listening to games - During NESN broadcasts, the code word of the game will be featured in a graphic on the bottom right hand of the screen as the game is returning from commercial break. The code word will also be announced at some point during the radio broadcast. Log into the Kid Nation Portal to enter code words and collect points. Code words for the television and radio broadcasts will be different.
  • Attending/participating in events help by our partners and affiliates, as well as participating in online games and activities.
  • Attending a Red Sox away game.
  • Completing Wally's Math Academy worksheets.

Q: Can I upgrade a free Rookie membership to the All-Star membership during the season?

A: Absolutely. Members can upgrade to the All-Star tier to unlock all benefits and features of our premium membership by logging into their Kid Nation portal and selecting the "Upgrade To All-Star" button. All points earned prior to upgrading will be carried over so you can immediately start where you left off.

Q: Is there an age limit for Kid Nation?

A: The program is geared towards pre-K through 8th grade, ages 14 and under. Once your child turns 14, they will be removed from the system. However, they are eligible to sign up for Student9s, our ticket program for high school and college students. For membership options more tailored for adults, please check out our Red Sox Nation Fan Club, also located at the Kid Nation booth inside Fenway Park, or online at

Q: How do I get into the park early to watch batting practice?

A: This benefit is awarded to All-Star Kid Nation members only.

All-Star Kid Nation members with valid game tickets and membership card/proof of purchase may enter the ballpark 2.5 hours prior to first pitch through Gate C on Lansdowne Street and watch batting practice from atop the Green Monster. Members will be directed to view batting practice from the bleachers should capacity on the Green Monster be reached. Members will not have access to the entire ballpark until 20 minutes before gates are officially open to the general public. At that time you will be asked to exit the Green Monster seating so it can be made available for those who have tickets to those seats. Early entry times for the 2020 season are listed below:

  • 8:05pm First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 5:35pm
  • 7:10pm First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 4:40pm
  • 6:10pm First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 3:40pm
  • 4:05pm First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 1:35pm
  • 3:05pm First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 12:35pm
  • 1:35pm First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 11:05am
  • 11:05am First pitch - Red Sox Nation gates open @ 8:30am

Please note that batting practice is not guaranteed and can be canceled at any time at the team's discretion. If batting practice is canceled and there are no private events, members may still enter the park early and visit the Green Monster, weather permitting.

Q: How long will it take for my Kid Nation package to arrive?

A: For free Kid Nation memberships, membership cards and lanyards can be picked up at the Kid Nation booth at Gate B. If you selected to have your Rookie membership mailed, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive at your listed address. For a paid Kid Nation membership online, your kit will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive at your listed address. If you sign up in the ballpark the kit will be available on site. For international packages, please add an additional week for it to clear customs. Tarifs/Taxes may apply when retrieving your package depending on the country you are shipping to. Please send any inquiries regarding the shipment of a Kid Nation package to [email protected] or by phone at (617) 226-6756.

Q: How do I order my free Kid Nation Tickets?

A: Free Kid Nation tickets are only available to the first 25,000 members to redeem their free ticket. All Kid Nation members who sign up for the either the Rookie or All-Star membership will receive a ticket code that allows the user to claim their ticket(s) following registration. Your ticket code information can be found on your personal membership portal online.

Tickets are available for select home games on a first-come first-serve basis while supplies last. There are a limited amount of tickets available for each game with this promotion. Tickets are not guaranteed if they are already sold out. It is recommended that you redeem your tickets early so you don't miss out on this promotion.

Follow the login instructions to sign in and order your tickets by entering your user specific Kid Nation ticket code and selecting a game you wish to attend. A confirmation email will be sent out following the placement of the order. A minimum of one paid adult ticket must be purchased with each transaction. All free tickets must be redeemed for the same game.

Parents/guardians will receive up one free ticket per child, up to four registered children If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact our Kid Nation Customer service representatives at [email protected] or (617) 226-6756. Please remember that all sales are final - there are no refunds or exchanges issued on tickets. Also note that all game times are subject to change. Be sure to visit for the latest Red Sox news and any game time updates.

Q: Where do I pick up my Kid Nation Tickets?

A: Kid Nation tickets will be available for pick-up at Gate K (next to Gate B) off of Van Ness St. beginning 90 minutes prior to the start of the game. Please note that parents/guardians will be required to have a photo ID present. Kid Nation tickets will also have the option for mobile ticketing through the Ballpark App when completing your ticket purchase. Mobile tickets will be available starting 90 minutes before game time within the app.

If you are an All-Star Kid Nation member and entering early for batting practice 2.5 hours before first pitch, your tickets can be printed at the Gate C ticket window. Please see a Fan Clubs team member at the gate and they can assist you with your tickets.

Q: I received an item that is damaged or is the incorrect size. Can this be exchanged for a new one?

A: All domestic gloves can swapped for a 10 dollar shipping fee. You will need to send the original glove to 82 Brookline Ave Boston, MA 02215. Please include a note that states your membership information, the new glove that you will need and a number to contact you for the payment of the shipping fee.

Please note that gloves can only be exchanged for handedness or size if the kits are the same (e.g. Kit A glove cannot be exchanged for a Kit B glove, but Kit B and C gloves may be exchanged).

Please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (617) 226-6756 with any concerns regarding incorrect or damaged merchandise.

Q: Do I receive any discounts with my Kid Nation membership?

A: As a current member of Kid Nation, your official 2020 Kid Nation card (or confirmation email) gets you a 10% discount at the Jersey Street Team Store on 19 Jersey Street.

Kids Nation Member must present card prior to the completion of transaction. Discount is taken off each item and rounded down to the nearest whole dollar. Discount is not valid on past purchases. Discount may not be used on customizations, memorabilia, game used or dated/commemorative merchandise purchases. Discount is not valid for already reduced items, out of stock items or online purchases. This discount is not combinable with any other discounts. This discount is not valid towards the purchase of gift cards. Other exclusions may apply.

Q: I recently changed my address. How can I update my mailing information?

A: You can change your address in your account. Please note, if your address is changed after placing an order, we cannot guarantee that it will be shipped to the new address. Please contact the Kid Nation team at [email protected], live-chat on, or call (617) 226-6756 to update a shipping address.

Q: How does the on-field batting practice prize work?

A: After earning the reward via raffle, Kid Nation members get the opportunity to watch batting practice from the infield warning track for a future game date. Winners will receive a confirmation email from a team employee who will help schedule the event. Winning members should report to Gate C with a valid gameday ticket two and a half (2.5) hours prior to first pitch. Present the email to a Kid Nation staff member to receive a color coded on-field wristband and be escorted down to the field. Please note that batting practice is never guaranteed and is subject to change at the team's discretion without notice. If batting practice is cancelled for any reason, your experience will be rescheduled to a later agreed-upon date. Batting practice for games with early start times (1:00/1:30PM) are typically held indoors and are not ideal for this reward so please plan accordingly.

Q: Do my points rollover from year to year?

A: Rewards are cumulative over the course of a single Red Sox season. The Red Sox reserve the right to substitute rewards at the sole discretion of the club. Rewards are non-transferable, subject to availability, and are subject to verification of the member's identity for redemption. Points earned during 2020 are only good for Kid Nation Rewards listed for the 2020 season. Points earned expire at the end of each season; each member starts with zero points at the beginning of a new season. Rewards are available while supplies last.

Kid Nation points from the 2019 season will only rollover to the 2020 season if a member upgrades or purchases an All-Star Membership prior to December 31, 2019. Otherwise, all membership points will expire on that date.

Kid Nation Official Rules
  • Kids 14 and younger are eligible for Red Sox Kid Nation membership. A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must be present when child(ren) sign up and must be present for their child to scan their card at a kiosk or redeem rewards.
  • Members must visit a Kid Nation kiosk during the game to receive points for attendance. Points for previous games cannot be rewarded retroactively.
  • Children must be current members to be eligible for Kid Nation Rewards. Kid Nation members are opted into the program through the last day of the year they are 14. All-Star members will revert to Rookie members prior to the release of the 2020 Kid Nation all-Star membership and can upgrade back to the All-Star membership once it is released.
  • Rewards are cumulative over the course of a single Red Sox season. Members earn points for every time they scan their card at a kiosk during the 2020 season, follow the games on TV and the radio, answer trivia questions, and more. Please reference the FAQ on all ways Kid Nation members can earn their points.
  • The Red Sox reserve the right to substitute rewards at the sole discretion of the club. Rewards are non-transferable, subject to availability, and are subject to verification of the member's identity for redemption. Points earned during 2020 are only good for Kid Nation Rewards listed for the 2020 season. Points earned expire at the end of the calendar year of each season. Rewards are available while supplies last.
  • All experience benefits will be scheduled for a mutually agreed upon date/time and are subject to availability and additional terms, conditions and restrictions. For details, visit the Kid Nation booth, email us [email protected], Live Chat us at, or call (617)-226-6756 with questions.
  • Kid Nation membership cards are not transferable. Kids or parents/guardians may be asked to present identification when signing up, scanning their card, or redeeming rewards. Each member must present his or her card.
  • The Red Sox reserve the right to revoke and/or deactivate membership for any member at the sole discretion of the club.
  • Membership is limited to one per child.
  • Photos/images associated with the Kid Nation Rewards Program may be used at the discretion of the club.