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Red Sox introduce dynamic pricing for Green Monster

Tickets for April and May Games go on Sale Tuesday, March 18, at Noon

BOSTON, MA - The Red Sox today introduced dynamic pricing for seats and standing room tickets atop the Green Monster, where prices will be set by the market in real time. Green Monster tickets for April and May games go on sale Tuesday, March 18, at noon on

With this new pricing model, Green Monster tickets will increase or decrease in price based on demand and market factors such as the date of the game, opponent, and even weather conditions. Demand-based analysis will be provided by two companies, Qcue and tixtrack.

"This pricing model for Green Monster tickets is similar to how airlines and other industries - including several other Major League teams - price their tickets," said Red Sox EVP/COO Sam Kennedy. "Unlike the variable pricing structure adopted in other parts of the ballpark, where prices vary by game but are set in advance for the season, dynamic pricing can and will change based on market conditions."

Dynamic pricing has been adopted in some form by approximately 80 percent of Major League Baseball teams. It is the latest move by the Red Sox to better align tickets with their market value. In November, the club announced a variable pricing structure for regular season tickets, where prices for the 81 home games were organized into five tiers based on expected demand for each game. As a result, 32 games had a reduced average price in 2014, including 16 'Sox Saver' games.

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