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Kansas City Royals™ Club Series 2015 Missouri Proprietary White Wine

Local Stone Hill Winery brings a new way to celebrate victory, a superior white that attacks with soft sweetness and lingers on the palate with a taste of apple, peach and pineapple. Established in 1847, Stone Hill Winery marries time-honored values with modern techniques.

Kansas City Royals™ Club Series 2014 California Red Wine

In the city of fountains, where the 2015 World Series™ Champions reside, wine flows like water. This Club Series release brings experience and quality to the game. A blend that shows off our unique access to thousands of acres of single-vineyard properties in California's most fertile regions. A ruby color and aromas of dark berries with a lively acidity and long finish highlight a wine fit for baseball's royalty.

Kansas City Royals™ Club Series 2013 California Proprietary Red Wine

A few miles from where the Kansas River meets the Missouri, a 322-foot wide waterfall flows behind the outfield where the Kansas City Royals™ play. In the "City of Fountains," baseball has carved out its own place in the prairie. One thing that keeps the Royals from getting blue is a superior red: powerful aromas of cocoa and dark fruit, layered with dark cherries and hints of chocolate ganache. Great wine is always a noble cause.

*Kansas City Royals™ Club Series 2013 California Proprietary Red Wine is no longer available.*

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MLB™ Etched Team Wine 2013 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

For the first time ever, fans and wine drinkers can have custom etched and hand painted team wine. This authentic collectable is the perfect addition to the MLB Club Series and the quality of art and wine make it the ideal gift for fans!

A 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from three notable vinyards in Paso Robles resulting in rich, full bodied Cabernet.

Kansas City Royals™ World Series Championship Brut

The best part of every World Series™ championship clubhouse celebration is popping bottles of bubbly - a tradition familiar to every fan! Wild celebrations still need great wine and the World Series™Championship Brut fits the bill. No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the Royals™ Brut and raise your glass to the 2015 World Series champs.

*Championship Brut is no longer available.*

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