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PAWS, the official mascot of the Detroit Tigers


Height: 20 stripes tall
Weight: Unknown (Ever try to put a Tiger on a scale?)
Shoesize: 22
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Birthdate: May 5
Position: Mascot
Bats: Scared of them
Throws: T-shirts to lucky fans
Uniform Number: # 00 in your program, but # 1 in your heart


Color: Tie between navy and orange.
Vacation Spot: Lakeland, FL
Song: Eye of The Tiger and Take Me Out to The Ballgame
TV Shows: Tigers Live and Animal Planet
Movie: Field of Dreams
Food: Little Caesars Pizza
Book: The Cat in the Hat and Casey at the Bat
Hobbies: Reading, exercising, wiffle ball, dancing on the dugout with the DTE Energy Squad, and cheering on the Tigers.
Dislikes: WATER (especially rain delays) and Ohio