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As the last lights faded into darkness above Tiger Stadium on September 27, 1999, a long, storied era in baseball history came to an end at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. For over a century, the cross streets at The Corner marked one of the most famous and best-loved addresses in baseball as generations of fans cheered for their favorite Tigers and relived the memories of their youth at the old ballpark.

But when the gates swung open at the Tigers' new home, Comerica Park, on April 11, 2000, the baseball memories and fan devotion that made Tiger Stadium a haven for fans young and old wasn't diminished. Fans can walk down memory lane each time they visit Comerica Park's "Walking Hall of Fame," stretching around the park's lower concourse with a larger-than-life collection of memorabilia, photos, and great Tiger baseball moments.

Tiger Stadium was synonymous with "The Corner" for years, yet its humble beginnings weren't so easily defined by major streets and landmarks. The geography of The Corner dates back to 1895, when Tigers owner George Vanderbeck arranged for a new ballpark to be built on the Western Market haymarket and dogpound site at the northwest corner of Michigan and Trumbull avenues. The land was covered with elm and oak trees, many of which predated the American Revolution. Nonetheless, Vanderbeck ordered the trees to be removed, sparing eight - three near the left-field foul line and five in the deepest part of left-center field. The trees remained as part of the park until 1900.

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