Hall of Famers

Five Seasons or More

PlayerYear ElectedSox Years
Eddie Collins19391915-1926
Ed Walsh19461904-1916
Ted Lyons19551923-1942, 1946
Ray Schalk19551912-1928
Red Faber19641914-1933
Luke Appling19641930-1950
Harry Hooper19711921-1925
Early Wynn19721958-1962
Luis Aparicio19841956-1962, 1968-1970
Hoyt Wilhelm19851963-1968
Nellie Fox19971950-1963
George Davis19981902, 1904-1909
Carlton Fisk20001981-1993
Goose Gossage20081972-1976
Frank Thomas20141990-2005
Tim Raines20171991-1995
Harold Baines20191980-1989, 1996-1997, 2000-2001

Four Seasons or Fewer

PlayerYear ElectedSox Years
Johnny Evers19461922
Clark Griffith19461901-1902
Al Simmons19531933-1935
Chief Bender19531925
Eddie Roush19621913
Charles "Red" Ruffing19671947
John "Jocko" Conlan19741934-1935
George Kell19831954-1956
Tom Seaver19921984-1986
Steve Carlton19941986
Larry Doby19981956-1957, 1959
Roberto Alomar20112003-2004
Ron Santo20121974
Ken Griffey Jr.20162008
Jim Thome20182006-2009


ManagerYear ElectedSox Years
Hugh Duffy19451910-1911
Frank Chance *19461924
Bob Lemon19761977-1978
Al Lopez19771957-1965; 1968-1969
Tony La Russa20141979-1986; 2021-2022
Front OfficeYear ElectedAffiliated Years
Charles Comiskey19391900-1931
Hank Greenberg19561959-1963
Bill Veeck19911959-1961, 1976-1980

* Prevented from managing the team in 1924 due to illness. Chance died on September 15, 1924.