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MLB Ballpark App Points of Interest with iBeacon technology

What are Points of Interest?

Locations spread throughout Truist Park that give supported iOS users exclusive content through the MLB Ballpark app.

What do I need to access Points of Interest at Truist Park?

  1. The most recent version of the MLB Ballpark app
  2. An iPhone running iOS 7 or above
  3. Your Bluetooth setting enabled
  4. Location services turned on for the MLB Ballpark app

How do I check-in to these Points of Interest?

1. Open your app and tap the check-in icon.
2. Walk towards any Point of Interest listed in the app and look for a notification in your app.
3. Once you walk within range of the Point of Interest, follow the instructions to tap and check-in.
4. After you successfully check-in to a Point of Interest and browse the exclusive content, you'll receive a green check mark.