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Braves Memories

Redeeming Braves Memories

Excited to use your Braves Memories? We'll guide you through the step-by-step process to ensure you're enjoying all the benefits of being an A-List Member!

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Braves Memories Points

Premium Memberships
  • Club Members in the Champions and INFINITI Club Suites, Delta SKY360° Club, and SunTrust Club should reach out directly to their Premium Account Manager for information about enhanced experiences.
  • INFINITI Club Members: 25 points
Full Season Memberships
  • 3 points per seat
  • 3 points for full parking plan
  • Added Value: 2 points
  • Tenure Boost:
    • 2-5 years: 1 point
    • 6-9 years: 2 points
    • 10+ years: 3 points
  • Revenue Boost:
    • $5,000+: 2 points
    • $10,000+: 3 points
    • $20,000+: 5 points

*25 points max

27 Game Membership
  • 1 point per seat
  • 1 point for parking plan
  • Added Value: 1 point
  • Tenure Boost:
    • 2-5 years: 1 point
    • 6-9 years: 2 points
    • 10+ years: 3 points
  • Revenue Boost:
    • $5,000+: 2 point

*10 points max


When can I redeem Braves Memories?
Braves Memories can be redeemed 48 hours prior to each home stand. All games in the upcoming homestand will become available at the same time. For example, Braves Memories for April 14 - April 20 will be active on April 12. 

I don't have an iPhone or Android smartphone. Can I still take part in Braves Memories?
Yes. You can still access Braves Memories through your Membership Services representative. View your Membership Services Representative's contact information or call (404) 577-9100.

Can I purchase more Braves Memories points?
No, at this time you cannot purchase additional Braves Memories points. However, many Braves Memories are eligible for purchase, and A-List Members always receive a discount.

Do Braves Memories points roll over to the next season?
No. Braves Memories will not roll over to the next season, so make sure to use all of your available points throughout the 2019 season.  

Great! I have redeemed a memory with my points. Now what?
Follow the prompts after you confirm your redemption to find out where you need to go to redeem your memory. You will also receive confirmation via email and can access your memory in our new Braves application.

I redeemed a memory points early, but cannot make it to the game.
To make sure that an A-List Member can utilize all Braves Memories, please make sure to only redeem experiences that you can attend. If your schedule changes, please notify the front office immediately at or (404) 577-9100. Failure to notify your representative prior to the game will result in the loss of your memories point.

Redeem the items and experiences that mean the most to you.

  • Honorary Team Captain
  • Announce Play Ball
  • Kids Fan Pack Seat Deliveries
  • Honorary Grounds Crew Member
  • Place the Base Before the Game
  • Tomahawk Team Seat Visit
  • Batting Practice Field Passes
  • Field and Dugout Access
  • Catch on the Field
  • Full Size Replica Baseball Bats
  • Full Size Replica Batting Helmets
  • Seat Deliveries
  • Authentic Major League Baseballs
  • Player and Team Photographs
  • Bobbleheads
  • Parking Passes
  • College Night Hats
  • Braves Tervis Tumblers
  • A-List Member Merchandise
  • Braves Tote Bags
  • Commemorative Memorabilia