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A-List Member Ticket Exchange Program

As an A-List member, we know that your personal schedule may change, so we are thrilled to offer A-listers the ability to exchange into predetermined dates on the 2020 calendar.


  • Ticket exchanges must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the game date turned in.
  • Ticket exchanges are subject to availability.
  • Premium areas (INFINITI Club, Delta SKY360° club, SunTrust Club) are not eligible for the ticket exchange program.
  • 27-game A-List Members can exchange out of up to 10 game dates in their assigned ticket plan.
  • Full Season A-List Members can exchange out of an unlimited number of games.
  • Any game can be exchanged OUT, but Members are limited to the 60 replacement games highlighted in this calendar.
  • A maximum of 18 tickets can be received for any one replacement game.
  • Ticket exchanges must be completed through your online Braves account manager on a PC, at the A-List Clubhouse at SunTrust Park or via email.
  • Available dates for the ticket exchange program are subject to change.
  • Tickets can only be exchanged for tickets. Parking passes can only be exchanged for parking passes.