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A-List Member Unused Ticket Program

Did you have a last-minute engagement that caused you to miss a game in your A List Membership ticket plan? We are pleased to once again offer the Unused Ticket Redemption program for our members! This program allows you to receive new tickets at deeply-discounted rates for any tickets that went unused during the season. Seating options include (subject to availability):

  • $10: Home Run Porch, Diamond Corner
  • $5: Terrace Corner, Vista Reserved, Grandstand Infield

The Unused Ticket Program is currently closed and will reopen during the 2020 season.

To redeem unused tickets, please email your Membership Services Representative with the following information:

  • The game date(s) and seat location(s) of the Unused Tickets being turned in
  • The preferred new game date(s) from the selection above
  • The preferred seating area from the selection above
  • Payment information for the per ticket redemption fee

A $3 handling fee will be assessed for any requests for A-List Members who have paid the season print fee and would like their new tickets mailed to them via USPS.